Did you know about Tammy Slaton’s weight loss 2022 ?

Find out all about Tammy Slaton’s weight loss 2022 with before and after photo comparison in detail

1000-lb Sisters is an American reality television series on TLC. The show revolves around the personal lives of Amy Slaton-Halterman and her sister Tammy Slaton in rural Kentucky.

Other than there day to day lifestyle, the show gained its main identity from their attempts at weight loss and weight loss surgery.

Other family members of the show include Amy’s husband Michael Halterman and their dog “Little Bit”. Over time the show has grown to include other members of the Slaton family Chris, Misty, & Amanda.

Recently there have been a ton of weight loss rumors relating to Tammy Slaton. So we have compared her before and after photos to give you all a clearer view of the situation.

Tammy Slaton and her Weight Loss Journey Fall Out

Over the last three years, fans of the show have witnessed Tammy struggle to make progress on her weight loss journey. She has had some small triumphs though she never seems to follow through with commitments to her health.

                  Tammy and Amy (Image Source: The List)

The show is based on Tammy and her siblings going to multiple bariatric doctors, a stint in rehab, and several hospitalizations for the obesity problem.

What is a bariatric doctor do? They are actually the doctors who specialize in helping patients lose weight without surgical intervention. Bariatric medicine is the art and science of medical weight management.

In the beginning days of their weight loss journey the 1000-Lb. SistersTammy weighed 608-lbs and her sister Amy came in at 400-lbs.

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And Amy was determined to turn her life around because she wanted to be able to have kids one day – something she was unable to do at that size. Likewise, Tammy also realized that she too had to be concerned about her heath. However, this concern didn’t last long.

Tammy Weight Gain

Though both her sister and her brother, Chris Combs, showed their commitment to qualify for bariatric surgery Tammy did so with her determination for weight loss. Instead, she blamed her lack of progress on anyone she could find a grievance with.

    Tammy Slaton Weight Loss 2022(Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

In fact, each visit to her doctor revealed more weight gain and more resistance to the changes her providers were trying to help her make.

At the beginning of season 2, we find out that Tammy has been in Rehab for several weeks. During her time in the facility, she was working on losing the 100 pounds required by her doctor to approve her for bariatric surgery.

Tammy was able to make some tangible progress toward her goal with the help of nurses, nutrition experts, and staff. Tammy’s diet was controlled and physical activity was required and encouraged. And if you have watched the show you should be aware that her family praised her success as she hit the 60-pound marker.

At this point, she was only 40 pounds from her goal. A few more weeks and she would have been able to get her surgery. But in an act of self-sabotage, Tammy guilts her family into bringing her home early.

Soon after returning from the rehab facility Tammy was back to her usual habits. The reality started binge eating, limited mobility, vaping, and excessive drinking and stopped her exercising which quickly led to her substantial weight gain.

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Her last visit to Dr. Eric proved just how far in the wrong direction she’d been moving. Tammy Slaton stepped on the scale and weighed in at her heaviest yet – just over 640 pounds.

Tammy Slaton Weight Loss 2022

People have been speculating that the television personality. Are Tammy Slaton weight loss rumors true? Maybe, unfortunately, there is not much to add about any weight changes from the Slaton’s side.

Currently, the TLC star is residing as an in-patient at a “hospital-like facility.” Slaton was hospitalized late last year after a nasty bout of carbon dioxide poisoning.

All Tammy has revealed is that she told fans, she is in a facility near the hospital. This allows her doctors to keep tabs on her while she recovers. While she is feeling better – Tammy says the doctors don’t think she is ready to return home just yet.

However, people don’t believe what she is saying this might be because of her previous action done on the show. The folks who follow her live streams and TikTok videos suspect that Slaton may very well be in a rehab facility or a nursing home.

Some speculate that the nursing home is the reason behind Tammy’s freedom. Because her previous rehab facility didn’t provide that much freedom. Fatty foods and candy are in the background of several of Tammy’s videos which led fans to think that Tammy is in a nursing home.

And we have also seen a ton of fans using her videos and social media photos to gauge if she has lost any weight since she’s been away from home. While in some videos Tammy’s seems to be slimmer, other videos give her a larger appearance.

We have also compared her before and after photos and there doesn’t seem to be much of a difference in her weight.

So, in regards to the question of whether Tammy Slaton has lost any weight – our answer is — maybe. To be honest we speculate that with various filters that TikTok has, it is not that hard to make a person look slimmer than he or she actually is.

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