'Gummo' Rapper 6ix9ine Weight Gain and Weight Loss

6ix9ine Weight Gain, Weight Loss, and Instagram Live

Read all about ‘Gummo’ Rapper 6ix9ine Weight gain, weight loss, workout plans, Instagram Live, and more.

If you are the one who loves to listen to scream rap then 6ix9ine isn’t the new name for you. Daniel Hernandez aka Tekashi69 or 6ix9ine is an American rapper who is famous for his commercial debut single Gummo. Moreover, his name has been the rising name in the music industry for more than years.

Recently, many people are surprised about his weight gain as the talented rapper has posted a series of photos regarding topics. Well, not only that he is also able to lose weight. So, in order to know 6ix9ine weight gain and weight loss, without any delay, get to learn all the details here.

6ix9ine Weight Gain

The formerly imprisoned 24-years-old rapper, Tekashi69, always surprise fans with his scream rap genre, was once again successful to surprise his fans when he posts a couple of pictures on Instagram where he looks totally different – heavier than usual.

The American rapper, 6ix9ine weighed around 204 pounds

The American rapper, 6ix9ine weighed around 204 pounds
Image Source: Daily Mail

Some media outlets reported the ZAZA rapper weighed around 134 pounds in early April 2020 while he was released from prison. Wait! didn’t know about him being in prison? Well, let us make clear then, 6ix9ine was sentenced to two years in prison for racketeering.

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In September 2020, the YAYA rapper’s weight was around 204 pounds. Moreover, the American rapper gained 70 pounds after a few months after getting out of prison. When he was once asked about his weight gain reason then he replied that he was eating a lot. He also added-

“I was eating Chinese food every day, twice daily on house arrest.”

Well, he might really enjoy eating Chinese food! Don’t you think?

6ix9ine Weight Loss and WorkOut

Recently, the BEBE rapper revealed that he weighed 140 pounds which means he lost 60 pounds. Further, 6ix9ine took to Instagram to share the happy news with his beloved fans. The rapper managed to lose around 26 Kg and has also shared videos of his body transformation on his social media platform.

The 24 years old rapper, 6ix9ine before and after weight loss

The 24 years old rapper, 6ix9ine before and after weight loss
Image Source: Page Six

The talented rapper said that he maintained his diet and had done heavy exercises. Moreover, he also starves himself a couple of times a day to maintain his weight. Some sources also reported that he cheated himself sometimes on his diet and in workouts.

6ix9ine Hospitalized and His Instagram Live

6ix9ine has been in ups and downs recently and moreover, nothing was going well in his life. Likewise, after serving 13 months on racketeering, he was released from prison in April. Not only that, the talented rapper has gone through unbelievable weight gain and loss.

The talented rapper opens up why he left Instagram and music
Image Source: Daily Mail

While maintaining his weight, it was reported that the American rapper was hospitalized in a Florida hospital after a diet pill, caffeine overdose. And. different sources mentioned that the GOOBA rapper was hospitalized for two days after overdosing on a weight loss supplement and caffeine. But, as of now, he is fine and recovering at home.

6ix9ine On Instagram Live 5/8/20 (FULL VIDEO) 2020 IG LIVE OUT OF JAIL


The Instagram star who is broadly active on Instagram, but, suddenly, stopped posting as he has no activity for more than five months. But, on Feb 24, he again steps in and posted several pictures of his body transformation.

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On Friday, the rapper from New York went live on Instagram for 13 minutes. On Instagram Live, he talked about his prison sentence and also explained how he got his prison time reduced. At the same time, he broke the record for the most ever views of Instagram Live as he has 2 million views.

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