Abbie Hoffman Plastic Surgery, Death, Sentence, Charges, Social Activist

Abbie Hoffman Plastic Surgery

Abbie Hoffman Plastic Surgery and News

The Social Activist Abbie Hoffman Went Through Cosmetic Surgery to avoid Life Sentence and Went Underground

Abbie Hoffman is an old name in American politics who gain fame with the foundation of the Youth International Party. The social activist of the time also led proponent of the Flower Power movement. The 90’s politician’s name has again risen in the media with some allegations of plastic surgery. But did Abbie really go through any surgical procedures? If he went, what are those enhancements, and if not, what are the rumors about? Know all the details here.

Abbie Hoffman Surgery and Identity Change

Abbie had some criminal records in the past. He once broke the law by interfering 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago which made him look bad. He was also a good author of the time who became successful in writing his name in best-selling authors. After a couple of years of his book ‘Steal this Book’ came out, he was caught trying to sell $36,000 worth of cocaine and got arrested in New York.

The Snippet of Activist Abbie Hoffman in 1971

The Snippet of Activist Abbie Hoffman in 1971
Image Source: Credo-UMass Amherst

However, Hoffman disappeared when he was left after bail and never returned. About seven years later, he came back to New York City with a new name ‘Barry Freed‘, and a new face. As of the content time, he had done several surgeries to totally change his appearance. Then after, he lived his several years of life as Barry Freed.

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Politician Hoffman always wanted to get attention from the people either in a good way or a bad way. He also caught some attention when he burned money in 1967 at the New York Stock Exchange. After the incident, he was an important personality in everyone’s eye. The activist again surprised the public after he went underground escaping the trial for about seven years.

Abbie Hoffman Holding his original Appearance

Abbie Hoffman Showing his original Appearance
Image Source: Shroomery

Regarding his plastic surgery, Latimes has mentioned the activist especially went through Nose Job (Rhinoplasty) for his new appearance. Thanks to the plastic surgeon, he was not recognized until he himself surrendered.

Abbie Hoffman as an Activist

Abbie Hoffman became an interest in the topic for many sources of media and the public after he surrendered himself. With the cocaine and going underground, he was sentenced to community service work. The good author got the chance to lecture at several universities in Boston, Washington, Miami and Philadelphia. As a professor, he also wrote books, some articles and an autobiography of himself.

Abbie Hoffman As an activist

Abbie was a great influencer for the public
Image Source: The New York Times

While living his life as Barry Freed after plastic surgery, he didn’t stop his career as an activist. With all those intentions and tactics, he was a tough egg to crack. Massmoments had said that his biographer and longtime friend, Jonah Raskin, also admitted that it was nearly impossible to know “the real Abbie Hoffman” but suggests that Hoffman saw himself as “just a Jewish kid from Worcester.”

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The site also mentioned a line of how Abbie thinks of himself as

“I grew up thinking democracy is not some place you hang your hat . . . It’s something you do.”

Thus, Abbie had a different psychology than others which made him this popular.

Abbiee Hoffan Death Cause

According to Wikipedia, Abbie’s death was the result of an overdose from 150 phenobarbital tablets and liquor. So, some sources even have pointed that Hoffman did suicide in his apartment in Solebury Township, Pennsylvania on April 12, 1989.

Abbie Hoffman Death

Sources pointing out the death of Abbie was suicide
Image Source: The New York Times

The 52-year-old activist also had a brother who said through MetroWest DailyNews that he was happy that his brother was honored with the key to the city by the mayor. Unfortunately, his brother, Jack Hoffman also died due to Covid-19. May his soul rest in peace.

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