Adele Weight Loss

Read all about Singer Adele Weight loss, Before and After, Diet and Workout Plans, and more.

There is no such person who doesn’t love listening to music. And, likewise, no more people are there who get bored listening to the music of Adele. Further, Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, the Grammy award winner is an English pop singer-songwriter who is mostly famous for her primal tone.

Besides her successful music career, she, moreover, shocked the world when the Hello singer loses her weight. Want to learn how she loses her weight? Then, without any delay, scroll down to grab all the details about Adele’s weight loss.

Adele Weight Loss

Recently, the talented singer Adele’s incredible weight loss has been a keen interest of the public. As a matter of fact, her fans were amazed when the 32 years old singer showed her truly new figure via Instagram.

Adele look unrecognizable in the performance

Adele look unrecognizable in the performance
Image Source: Ada Hahn

And, if you overlook the Adele weight loss then the talk started between 2014 to 2015. In fact, she started gaining weight since her album of 21 and 25. Moreover, the Someone Like You singer once had a weigh around near 100 kg.

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But, as of now, she surprised her beloved fans as she was reported to look unrecognizable while hosting SNL. Besides that, the Deep singer shocked the world when she wrote her debut hit in just 10 minutes.

Adele Weight Loss – Before and After

Since making her fans wowed with her new figure, Adele’s weight loss has able to made a hot topic as the people are quite curious to know exactly how much the Grammy-award winner loses weight.

See any difference?

See any difference?
Image Source: The Chronicle

The 32 years old pop singer, Adele has managed to lose 100Ibs and is currently weigh around 150Ibs. And, the gorgeous-looking singer, Adele is almost unrecognizable following her incredible weight loss as she has lost 45 Kgs. Following her unrecognizable transformation, the All I Ask singer, Adele currently weighs 63 Kg.

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As you can see in the before and after pictures, the singer looks incredibly good in shape. What is your opinion about her current weight loss, share with us!

Perfect Diet and Workout Plan

Due to Adele’s perfect weight loss, people are wondering how did she manage to lose 45 Kg. And, to answer fans’ queries, the secret to Adele’s weight loss is not other than her “strict” diet. Thanks to the Sirtfood diet, she has able to lose 45 Kg. Likewise, the Skyfall singer used to drink plenty of green juices throughout the day.

With her healthy diet and routine, Adele has managed to lose 45 Kg

With her healthy diet and routine, Adele has managed to lose 45 Kg
Image Source:

And various sources reported that Adele lost more than 40 pounds this year. In addition, the English singer managed to maintain her body with the help of fitness trainers, Pete Geracimo. Insider mentioned Pete worked with the singer for four years. Moreover, her daily routines and a healthy diet have able to make her body in good shape.

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In addition, the pop singer also had done some gym sessions. Further, she also shared a behind the scene snap to her beloved fans on Instagram. She once said-

“I mainly moan. I’m not, like, skipping to the f****** gym. I don’t enjoy it. I do like doing weights. I don’t like looking in the mirror.”

She also mentioned that actually doing a gym didn’t help her well as doing heavy lifting could damage her complexion.

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