Shark Biologist Alison Towner Career, Husband, and Wiki Complete Details

Alison Towner

Find out about Alison Towner, her marital status, relation with Martin’s life, and more details.

Alison Towner is not a new name for those who have been reading about margin organisms. Towner has been sticking up for great white sharks and calling for global action to protect them.

Towner is an animal lover and does programs to save marines life. She is very cautious about their lives and actively informing us about the problem they are facing. So we have gathered all that we could find and here it is.

Alison Towner and Sharks

Towner grew up in Ramsbottom. Towner falls in love with life under the water in the Irwell River. This was just the start of her journey in learning about marine life.

                       Alison Towner (Image source: Magzter)

She now lives close to Gansbaai, a coastal town two hours from Cape Town, and the ocean which contains some of the world’s most fabulous aquatic lives like penguins Southern right whales, Cape fur seals, dolphins, skates, rays as well as an abundance of birdlife and her favorites: great white sharks.

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The reason we know that she loves white sharks the most is that is recently distributed a paper on the effect the executioner whales have on sharks and the majority of her school secondary projects are consistently dependent on sharks.

Alison Towner Marine Biologist

The Marine Biologist spent 5 years as a guide for Marine Dynamics Sharks Tours and interacted with divers on a daily basis. She collected extensive observational data on white sharks from this experience. After this, she completed her MSc through the University of Cape Town.

Alison Showing a deceased shark
      Alison Showing a deceased shark (Image source: Twitter)

The white shark biologist believes that white sharks are magnificent and complex creatures. She says that they have a bad reputation, because of movies like Jaws. And this is one of the causes of their extinction.

Alison has worked with media stations like National Geographic, BBC, Discovery. She co-hosts a program named ‘Air Jaws: The Hunted’ based on events of white sharks in South Africa.

It has broken all records and has been the most watch and downloaded US cable TV program with about 2 million viewers and 3.5 million streams the night it aired.

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Alison will be soon talking about marine wildlife in South Africa at another show called the Wildlife and Safari Travel Show on October 12-13th,

Alison through these programs is trying her best to tell that the long-term movement of white sharks is due to cage-diving activities, environmental conditions, or being hunted.

Who is Alison Towner Husband?

alison towner-marine-dynamics-academy
         Alison towner(Image source: marine-dynamics-academy)

There is no solid evidence of her husband so we cannot be sure. So her married status is not completely certain. Their information about her children’s details is not available either. It seems like her family is publicized by her.

Does Alison Towner Have a Wiki?

Although Alison’s effort towards protecting marine life is getting a huge amount of attention, she does not have a wiki to her name yet. However, is frequently post about on Instagram.

                     Alison-Towner (Image source: TGtime)

Besides that, she also leads a project at Save Our Seas Foundation. The 34-year-old has frequently risked her well-being to show us the beauty of the creatures living underwater.

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