Alvin Kamara Diamond Teeth & Cost! Is The NFL Star Teeth Grillz Permanent?

Alvin Kamara Diamond Teeth & Cost! Is The NFL Star Teeth Grillz Permanent?

Grab all details of American football running back for New Orleans Alvin Kamara expensive diamond teeth, gold and diamond Grillz, details with teeth price inside the article.

Born on July 25, 1995, the 27-year-old athlete Alvin Kamara is one of the most popular and successful NFL faces. Talking briefly about his career, Kamara started his NFL journey playing on the college football team at the University of Tennessee and was later drafted in the third round of the 2017 NFL Draft.

After starting his professional NFL career, he was entitled as the 2017 NFL Rookie of the year, five times NFL Pro Bowler, and became the second player in NFL history to score hit six rushing touchdowns in a single game.

Alvin started his career back in 2017 within these 5 years he made an estimated net worth of $100 Million. Not just with his whopping $75 million five-year club contract deal, but also from his multiple business ventures as he owns Louisiana-based juice and smoothie chain Big Squeezy. With that Alvin Kamara’s teeth seem to be one of the trending factors among fans and followers. Coming with different questions regarding diamond and gold teeth, their price, and permanent fixture.

So in order to learn the real facts, ahead we present you with all the details regarding Alvin Kamara’s diamond and gold teeth,

Alvin Kamara Diamond Teeth and Cost!

Is it Teeth Permanent?

Alvin is one of the notable NFL players precisely due to his shiny diamond grills. And it has been an eye of attraction to all of his fans and followers. Alvin formerly used to wear gold grills and now has elevated to diamond teeth grills.

Alvin Kamara diamond grillz. (Image Source: Twitter )

The exact price of his teeth grills is unknown as it has lots of diamonds on them which are hard to count. And as of now, the 1.78m tall athlete Alvin has not shared any price details about his teeth grills. The NFL player is often seen low-key when it comes to his purchase prices. Other than that, his Grillz flexing is one of a kind Swag.

As per reports from Luxegrillz, 10-karat gold teeth cost around $110 per tooth and formerly, Kamara used to wear a set. As of now, he is popular for his diamond Grillz, one of the expensive custom Grillz worn by rapper Quavo was priced at $250,000.

Since Alvin is also one of the young athletes with a multi-million net worth, so, he might also have invested a similar amount of money. And while a majority of people also seem to be curious to know, if those diamond teeth are permanent or not, no, they are not permanent and can be removed.

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