Amber Heard Teeth Fix! Johny Depp Knocked Teeth!

Everything about Amber Heard’s Teeth Fix and whether her teeth were damaged by johnny Depp in detail.

In the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp case, the actress accused Johnny of violence. And this cause her to ‘popped her teeth’ out once.

Previously she has also claimed that their fight got so nasty that she was left covered in blood once. According to a Mirror UK report, Eleanor Laws QC, who is representing Johnny Depp, asked Amber about how Depp hit her in such a way that blood spattered on the wall

Amber responded and stated that back then it was just slapping or backhands. And that she could feel her rings hit her mouth, her teeth. According to her, her ex-husband always accused her of having affairs with two other men.

Furthermore, the Aquaman actress said that the actor popped her teeth and the next day there was blood next to the Smeg fridge. After the event, the two were joking and Amber thought that this wouldn’t happen again.

Let us talk about the history of Amber Heard’s teeth issue and more with before and after comparisons.

Amber Heard Teeth Fix, Veneers and More

Fixing teeth is as popular as plastic surgeries and hair transplants.

Crooked teeth, underbite, overbite, and misaligned jaws can play a vital role in the shape of your face and its symmetry. The more symmetrical face you have, the better you appear to others. Besides this teeth help to maintain the length of the face as well as the structure of the jawbone.

        Amber Heard Teeth Fix, Veneer, and more (Before and After)      (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

Unfortunately Amber herself has not talked about anything relating to the subject matter. So we needed to do some digging and we found an article dedicated to change in the appearance of the actress alongside before and after comparisons.

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Celebs are just people none of them are perfect. They have to face similar problems as we do like cavities, worn tooth enamel or fillings, gum disease, fractured teeth, or exposed roots. And also have dental treatments such as filling, root canal, or treatment of your gums to replace tissue lost at the root.

What Did Amber Heard do with her Teeth?

According to the website, we mentioned, that when heard was 22 years old her teeth seem whiter, and possibly more pushed back. This means that she must have had teeth whitening treatment done.

Other than this, the site also showed a photo taken at the 2011 Hollywood Film Awards Gala.

They speculated that she had taken treatments like veneers. And as we analyzed although it is difficult to say it is a possibility.

Furthermore, we also noticed that her front teeth no longer overlap her bottom lip. This hints that the never back down actress used something like Invisalign, along with bleaching.

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