Fluffy's weight loss diet plan

American Comedian Gabriel Iglesias aka Fluffy Weight Loss

Find out all about the world-renowned comedian, Fluffy weight loss journey, before and after, diets, workouts, and many more

Gabriel Jesús Iglesias aka Fluffy is an American comedian and actor. Furthermore, he is famous for his shows I’m Not Fat… I’m Fluffy and Hot & Fluffy. Gabriel has a chunk of his jokes concerns race relations. You must have seen his popular video title gift basket” anecdote. Fluffy tends to avoid edgy humor or deliberately offensive humor in favor of cleaner. He claims helps him maintain a sizeable and diverse audience.

Furthermore, fans have noticed a huge body transformation of Fluffy from the previous years. And also have been wanting to know all about it. Thus, we have found it a very hot topic to be discussed.

‘Hot & Fluffy’ star Weight Loss Journey; Before & After Comparison

According to Gabriel, there are actually six levels of fatness in 2009. He claims that the first five levels are big, healthy, husky, fluffy, and damn!. And people often ask him what could be bigger than ‘damn!’? Furthermore, he explains that the sixth level is called, ‘Oh, hell no!.’ He explained that the difference is you’re still willing to work with level five.

Fluffy has lost significant weight
     Fluffy has lost significant weight (Image Source: Celeb’s Diaries)

In recent years, however, the comedian has worked hard to lose — and keep off — a significant amount of weight. Let’s take a look at Gabriel’s weight-loss journey. Because although he may still be “fluffy,” now he’s striving to be healthy, too.

Cause of His Weight Loss

In The Fluffy Movie, a doctor told the comedian told he had only two years to live. Gabriel said that was the biggest wake-up call regarding his weight. The doctor told him his habit is hurting him, needs to check himself. And still, have a chance. Besides his morbid obesity, Gabriel was struggling with diabetes. The actor added that the back of his legs was almost black from poor circulation. Turns out that he was pushing 437 pounds and had really swollen legs.

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His skin was cracking on the inside part of his legs. And some of his parts also bled at times. This was not the end of his problems his visions also started messing with me. And his kidney is still not completely healed.

What Were His Diets and Workouts?

In 2013 — before his weight-loss journey — Gabriel weighed in at 437 pounds, he revealed on the Today Show. By 2015, however, he was down to 320 pounds. The 35-year-old stopped eating bread. He added that bread was very bad for his diet. In addition to this, he also stopped eating chocolate cakes and similar deserts.

Fluffy's weight loss diet plan
              Fluffy’s weight Loss (Image Source: Celeb’s Diaries)

Apparently, Iglesias was a heavy drinker in his past. Now, he has completely stopped avoided it. He also avoids rice, beans, and corn. And fully committed to his diet.

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In one of his standup routines, he mentioned going to an appointment as a candidate for bariatric surgery. However, he was not admitted to actually having to the procedure.

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