American Television Personality Tami Roman Weight Loss!

American Television Personality Tami Roman Weight Loss!

Everything you need to know about Tami Roman’s Weight Loss, Illness, Weight Loss Diet, and Weight Loss Workout with before and after photo comparison.

Tamisha Akbar who is formally acknowledged as Tami Roman, is an American model, businesswoman, television personality, and actress. The model was born on April 17, 1970, in Mount Vernon, New York, U.S. So, how old is the American actress? Tami is currently 52 years old and her zodiac sign is Aries.

In 1993, Roman first rose to stardom on The Real World: Los Angeles. Tami became one of the major stars of Vh1‘s Basketball Wives after making cameo appearances and acting in supporting roles in numerous television programs and motion pictures in the 1990s and 2000s.

Roman founded the Reality R&B girl trio during her stay on The Real World: Los Angeles. Roman was not just one of the group’s four members, but she was also the rapper in the group. The quartet and Mercury Records agreed to a record deal at the same time. “Prisoner Of Your Love” was the title of the song.

Roman had two marriages. She got married to NBA player Kenny Anderson and they gave birth to two daughters. Roman’s elder daughter’s name is Lyric Channel, she was born in 1994. Similarly, Tami’s younger daughter’s name is Jazz Andreson, she was born in 1996. Later in February 2001, Roman and Andreson separated. The actress had been married to Reggie Youngblood since 2018.

Tami Roman Weight Loss

Since the outset, the audience has favored the series of surgical interns and supervisors. Speaking of Tami, the enduring character, the entrepreneur has undergone a transformation. Her changing weight is one of the main alterations. People are noting that her physical look has changed.

Tami Roman Weight Loss ( before and after) (image source: Celebs Diaries)

There are numerous theories on the internet regarding Tami Roman’s health. In 2022, everyone is curious as to whether she is ill and why she has recently become so thin. Tami Roman has shed some pounds. Her diabetes issue could be the cause.

Additionally, Tami Roman’s weight reduction could be caused by a variety of other factors. Tami Roman has had an eating disorder since she was 13 years old, which you might not be aware of. She also presently struggles with body dysmorphic disorder.

Tami’s post on Instagram with her new look and 30 pounds of weight loss stunned her followers. People have been guessing about her weight reduction and health since she posted on Instagram. The public’s interest in Tami’s illness was aroused by the photograph which was posted on Instagram. To see the photograph you can visit

Tami Roman has a serious obsession with staying thin. Tami has had a model aspiration since she was a young girl. The 52-year-old also became preoccupied with weight loss since she wanted to be a model. According to Tami’s interview with Shape.Com, she began her initial weight loss adventure in 2012 and shed a few pounds along the way. Tami used the NV Clinical supplement to shed pounds more quickly. In the same interview, she also mentioned that she used the NV supplement for one week before losing about 7 pounds. He underwent liposuction in 2011 in order to drop even more weight.

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She was in good shape and living a healthy lifestyle following liposuction, but years later, she received a T-2 Diabetes diagnosis. Tami put on a lot of weight as a result of her diabetes condition and quitting smoking. She had never been heavier than she was at 185 pounds. At this time, Tami made the decision to take control of her weight and shed all of her extra pounds.

Is Tami Roman’s Weight Loss Due to Illness?

Tami disclosed that she had had body dysmorphic disorder since she was 13 years old. Body Dysmorphic Disorder is a mental health condition. A person in this situation is constantly able to discover something wrong with their appearance. The BBD sufferer develops severe anxiety over physical flaws.

They always try to focus on the flaw themselves or pretend that it isn’t there at all. BBD causes the person to believe they are ugly. A person with this disease experiences severe social impairment. Tami resolved to shed additional weight despite the fact that she was already thin because of her body dysmorphic disorder and a very discouraging encounter with a modeling agency agent.

The American businesswoman immediately started misusing Laxative after that. Tami tried everything she could think of to reduce weight, including throwing up and starving herself. In 1993, she even had her lips wired shut. Tami was completely fixated on becoming thin and shedding as much weight as she could.

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Tami finally fell victim to Type II Diabetes. According to the article from Yahoo, Tami once admitted that her Type-II Diabetes causes her weight to vary greatly. The model also finds it challenging to manage her diabetes, body dysmorphic disorder, and weight all at once.

Tami Roman Weight Loss Diet!

Roman eventually shed 30 pounds using a combination of supplements and dietary modifications. The 52 years old is now recognized as the brand’s spokesperson and appears in numerous product advertisements.

The actress consumed nutritious meals and started utilizing NV Sprinkles. This product encourages you to eat less by sprinkling the powder on your food. Roman also altered her diet by selecting wholesome foods. To lead a healthy and active lifestyle, Tami detoxified, tried to curb her hunger, and improved her eating habits.

Tami Roman Weight Loss Workout

Tami made some lifestyle adjustments. She began exercising. Tami began her exercise routine with a 10-minute workout. Later, she gradually extended the length of her workouts, going from five to fifteen minutes, and then up to thirty minutes daily. She also altered her diet by selecting wholesome foods. To lead a healthy and active lifestyle, Tami detoxified, tried to curb her hunger, and improved her eating habits.

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