Andrew Kenton's Weight Loss Before and After and Instagram posts.

Andrew Kenton’s Weight Loss Before and After and Instagram posts.

Find out all about Andrew Kenton’s weight loss transformation, before and after, and his recent Instagram post.

Andrew Kenton is the latest 90 Day Fiancé who start to change their appearance in some way after appearing from the show. Angela Deem and Ariela Weinberg both also turned heads in the past with their own transformations, as did Big Ed Brown.

Andrew is one of the former stars of the show called 90 Day Fiance. The show is an American reality television series airing on TLC which is very different from the many reality shows we have seen. In the series, couples who have applied for or received a K-1 visa, get linked with foreign fiancés of U.S. citizens and they have 90 days time period to marry each other.

Talking briefly about Andrew in the show, well Andrew was not a favorite in the show. He made his first appearance in season 8 of the series with Amira Lollysa.

Later on, Lollysa accused Kenton of emotionally abusing her and also forcing her to get pregnant soon after they get married. Some fans also called Mr.Kenton a psychopath. During his time in the show, he got a lot of hate comments for his behavior.

Enough about the show, let’s take a look at Andrew’s weight transformation.

Andrew Kenton Weight Loss (Before and After)

So why did Andrew Kenton lose weight? In the series, Kenton was seen overweight. However, we didn’t know he was thinking of changing it. 90-day fiance’s star has stunned the world with his weight loss.

Why did Andrew Kenton lose weight? He says that he was insecure about his appearance. And he relentlessly dodged people because he was not comfortable with his appearance.

                   Andrew Kenton Weight Loss (Before and After)                                                   (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

Let’s face it Hollywood is the industry where appearance matters. And, most wants a skinny celebrity and thus they go through a tough diet plan, take weight loss pills, hire a fitness trainer to get in shape.

As Andrew posted the video of his new look 18th of November. You can check out Kenton’s Instagram to see his body transformation. He wore an extra large-sized T-shirt that he previously wore.

How did Andrew lose some much weight? In the video, he showed off his thigh and also showed his workout.  The workout focused on the core, chest, and legs regions. So it must be because of heavy gyming.

How much weight loss has Kenton gone through?- According to him, he is over 135 pounds.

Since when did Andrew start losing weight? The actor had shown his significant weight loss wrote that he wore this shirt when he weighed 375 pounds, on the show he had fallen under 300, today he sat around 240-250 during a bulk phase and even lower for a cut.

He also stated that is fitness has not reached its pinnacle and there is a long way to go. And that is aiming for even higher fitness goals.  So what is next for Andrew Kenton’s weight loss?- Well he revealed that he is aiming for calisthenic front lever down sometime next year.

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Many 90 Day Fiancé fans seemed impressed with Andrew’s fitness journey. A user commented, “It’s not easy that’s for sure! Awesome perseverance.” Another chimed in, “Congrats losing that much weight isn’t easy.” Someone else wrote, “Great job!! Never let others bring you down!

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