Why Is Anya Taylor-Joy Teeth Bad? Find Before & After Teeth Comparison

Grab All Details of Queen’s Gambit Actress Anya Taylor-Joy Teeth Fix

For a long time, English actress Anya Taylor-Joe’s Teeth have been a curious subject among fans, coming up with different assumptions like bad teeth, fake teeth, ‘before’ and ‘after’ changes and forth. So in order to know the real facts, Celebs’ Diaries brings you all the details of The Queen’s Gambit actress Anya Taylor-Joe teeth!

It’s clear that Anya Taylor-Joy’s teeth are one of her highlighting factors. The 24 years old charming actress always carries a big smile showing her big teeth. Since fans have been watching and following Taylor for years through her movies and 2 million-plus followers filled Instagram account, the majority of fans also seem to be anxious regarding Anya’s teeth?

Yes, as per research, a mass of fans asks why Anya’s teeth look so ugly sometimes, are they fixed? Whitened! Veneers, and so on. So in order to know what’s really cooking, we have brought you the article where we have compared Split actress ‘before’ and ‘after’ teeth looks with some dental review.

Is Anya Taylor-Joy Teeth Bad? Before & After Comparison

Well talking straight, Taylor’s teeth are not so bad as they are well shaped, big, and shiny. As we often see her flaunting a big smile on her Instagram posts. So it’s clear that she does not have any teeth gaps, cavities, or so on.


Anya Taylor-Joy Teeth Before and After Comparison.
Image Source: Instagram (Instagram(@anyataylorjoy)

While there are some things we all have felt, yes, sometimes, Anya’s teeth seem a little out of shape with yellowish layers and tooth-gap looks. And to make sure we deliver the real facts like If she went under any dental surgeries or procedures we went stalking some of her snaps from past to present and found the following facts,

As you can see in the before and after the snap, the ‘Before’ pictures articulate healthy gums with shiny and well-shaped teeth, whereas on the other hand, the ‘Now’ images show rusty mottled teeth with brown stains. It’s close to a clinically called Dental Fluorosis which makes tooth enamel thinner with brown-rusty layers.

Brown Stains and Tartar is the Reason for Anya’s Bad Teeth!

However, in the case of Anya’s teeth, it seems like her teeth lost their charm due to tartar which comes after smoking, taking tobacco, excessive coffee, and such. And as we stalked the actress Instagram profile also showed Taylor posing with a cigarette. As we all know smoking hampers dental health and enamel, we highly assume Anya’s mottled teeth are due to smoking or taking any kind of stuff that harms teeth.

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But it’s not a serious dental issue as the brown stains can be removed with water flossers, and following some dental prescription for healthy gum and enamel. If you guys have noticed Anya’s teeth seem whiter in the recent pictures. The other reason why her teeth are noticeable is due to her big front teeth line. It’s easily noticed.

Queen’s Gambit Anya Taylor-Joy Wiki, Bio, Parents

Anya Taylor-Joy bad-teeth-bio, parents, age, Instagram, dating, teeth fix

Anya’s recent snap uploaded on her Instagram articulates whiter teeth.
Image Source: Instagram

Anya Josephine Marie Taylor-Joy is an American-born Argentine-British actress who was born on April 16, 1996, in Miami, Florida to a Scottish-Argentine father and a British-Spanish mother. Talking briefly about Anya’s parents, her mother was a psychologist and her father was an international banker turned motorboat racer.

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The 24 yeas old actress spent most of her life between Argentina and England. She always carried a dream of becoming an actress which became possible after she was offered modeling at a young age. And by the age of 16, she already left school to pursue her career in acting.

Who Is Anya Taylor-Joy Dating in 2021?

Coming to her relationship and dating life, Taylor-Joy is reported to be dating her rumored boyfriend, Malcolm McRae as per reports from the HITC. However, both of them haven’t confirmed their relationship status, the outlet published pics of the two reportedly kissing and holding hands. So yeah Taylor’s heart is reserved by Malcolm McRae.

Anya Taylor-Joy and Malcolm McRae were spotted kissing

Anya Taylor-Joy and Malcolm McRae were spotted kissing
Image Source: POPSUGAR

Nothing much about Malcolm is revealed, however, his IMDb pages say that he is an actor and musician. Furthermore, the talented actress’s rumored boyfriend has won the AMTC and is well-known for his role in the short film called Brotherly. Besides that, the Queen’s Gambit star is all set to host SNL.

People also ask

Is Anya Taylor-Joy Single?


Is Anya Taylor-Joe English

Yes, half Argentine and British

Does Anya Taylor-Joy Speak Spanish?

Yes, she was raised in Argentina.

How old was Joy in Split?

Anya Taylor-Joy was 19 when she played the character ‘Casey Cooke’ in Split.

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