Arbery’s murder of Travis Mcmichael and weight loss after being charged

Arbery’s murder of Travis Mcmichael and weight loss after being charged.

Find out about Arbery’s murder of Travis Mcmichael and his weight loss after being charged.

This year one of the most shocking and cold-hearted cases surfaced in America’s history. You must already be aware of Arbery’s death case.

What is Arbery’s death? Arbery was an African-American who was shot in February of 2021.

The murder involved two suspects namely Gregory and Travis McMichael who have been charged by the Glynn County. The Arbery case is truly one of the most chilling murder cases. He was just an ordinary and innocent 25-year-old boy who was shot just because he was born black.

According to Arbery’s mother Wanda Jones-Cooper, her son was jogging on a path he frequented when Greg and Travis McMichael chased him down in their truck and shot and killed Arbery.

When the video of the shooting was released the death gained national attention. And the man who took the video, William “Roddie” Bryan is a neighbor of Travis. He is also facing charges. In total, all of them have faced nine charges, including murder and aggravated assault.

Nonetheless, we have not written this article to discuss the case. We have noticed that there has been a buzz relating to Travis Mcmichael’s change in weight. And we want to provide information relating to the subject.

Travis Mcmichael Weight Loss

Did Travis Mcmichael lose weight? Yes, the suspect of Arbery’s death has gone through weight loss. How much did weight did Travis lose? How much weight did the man lose? What was the reason for his weight loss?

         Travis McMichael weight loss (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

In the recent clips, people who have been following their trial have noticed that he has lost some weight. Comparing Travis’s mugshot from 2020 he looked quite slimmer during his recent trial on November 22.

However, there have been no reliable sources to reveal how many pounds did Travis lost.

His father Gregory has also been confirmed to have weight loss. According to his wife and even his cardiologist, Greg’s health has been declining.

His wife has explained that Gregory had a few heart attacks and strokes in the past. And he has lost weight while after being charged with murder.

She says that this could very well be that he’s seeing doctors at a facility here in Glynn County at the jail and may have also changed his diet.

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We speculate that both Gregory and Travis most have gone through weight loss because of the charges and trials they are facing. They must have realized their mistakes and feel guilt and remorse about it.

We know that there have been many people following Arbery’s death and want to know who Travis Mcmichael is in his wiki/bio. Unfortunately, Travis was a common American citizen. And he doesn’t have a Wikipedia or a similar article to his name.

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