Are Deepti and Kyle Dating? Rumors Began From TikTok Video

Find out all the details about the ‘Love Is Blind’ star Deepti and Kyle Dating, everything about the rumors that started from TikTok, and more details.

Deepti and Kyle are one of the most popular cast appearing in the Television Reality Show ‘Love Is Blind’ season 2. As we know, the show is all about finding a perfect match and connecting with each other. The show ‘Love Is Blind’ is on Netflix which started on 11th February 2022.

So, what are all those rumors about Deepti and Kyle? Have they found their love? Are Deepti and Kyle Dating? Read more to find more about the ‘Love Is Blind’ star Deepti and Kyle Dating, everything about the rumors that started from TikTok, and more details.

Who is Deepti Vempati from Love Is Blind Season 2?

Deepti Vempati is a contestant from Love Is Blind Season 2. The 39 years old contestant came to the show to find her pair. She is an information data analyst by her profession. Her birthplace is Andhra Pradesh, India.

Deepti Vempati (Image Source: Instagram)


She is American by her nationality, her religion is Christian and her ethnicity is white. Deepti was born in India, but her parents lived in the United States and she was raised in the United States. She has American citizenship. Therefore, is an American by her nationality.

Her father’s name is Venkat and her mother’s name is GV Vempati. Moreover, she also has siblings named Divya Vempati and Sunny Vempati.

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Talking about the show, she was in a relationship with Shake Chatterjee and was also engaged. However, they are no more together. Is Deepti dating Kyle now? Learn to know more about the Love Is Blind Season 2 contestant and who is Deepti dating?

Who is Kyle Abrams from Love Is Blind Season 2?

Kyle Abrams is one of the contestants from Love Is Blind Season 2. The 29 years old contestant is a glazier and construction worker. However, he is in the show to find his love life. His birthplace was Chicago, Illinois. Besides, he is not on Wikipedia yet.

Kyle Abrams (Image Source: Instagram)

Moreover, he is an American by his nationality. There is no more information found about his ethnicity and parents. He completed his graduation from the Private University in the U.S.

However, more information about him cannot be found. Talking about the show, he first was in a relationship with Shaina Hurley. Shaina is also one of the contestants of Love Is Blind season 2. The couple also got engaged and spent time together on a vacation.

However, they separated during season 6 because of their huge religious difference. Kyle is an atheist and Hurley is a Christian. Anyways, who is he dating now?

Are Deepti and Kyle Dating?

Are the Love Is Blind Season 2 star Deepti and Kyle dating now? Fans are curious to know about them. However, both Deepti and Kyle have dropped their decision for their marriage from their previous relationship.

Are Deepti and Kyle Dating? (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

Many Love is Blind fans are curious to know, Are Deepti and Kyle dating now? Some rumors give hints that they might be dating. They have been found commenting on each other’s posts on Instagram posts and flirting. On one of Deepti’s photos, Kyle wrote, “Oh hi.” Deepti, meаnwhile, commented on Kyle’s shirtless mirror selfie with “Oooof.”

Moreover, Kyle also once shared his feelings for her. “I have a huge regret. My biggest regret is I should have asked Deepti to marry me,” Kyle said. “That’s what I learned the most. I’m fed up. I should have tried harder for you. I love her so much, she’s the best. And I wish I saw what was right in front of me and that’s my biggest regret. I’m sorry.”

Deepti was also seen smiling at Kyle’s comments from another couch, Kyle’s ex Shaina said, “Deepti’s amazing, I agree.” Shaina also agreed, “I would love that between you two.”

Kyle then confronted Shake, telling him, “Yeah, and it pisses me off because you wasted such a good opportunity.”

What Shake said was proving the rumors, “Not true because now you have it. Happy to facilitate.”

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Besides that, there was also a rumored video from TikTok, when Kyle shared a video with a girl standing behind him and again turns the back camera on him. This also seems that he was with Deepti. However, many fans believe that it is Deepti. If you have missed it you can also find the screenshot of the video.

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