Are Kimberley Kitching Death and her Weight Loss Related?

Find out all about Kimberley Kitching’s death and her weight loss with before and after comparisons in detail.

Kimberley Jane Elizabeth Kitching was an Australian politician. She was also known as a lawyer, and trade unionist. She was a well-recognized member of the Labor Party.

Kitching’s death has hit all of her followers and fans hard. And they have been speculating that the reason behind her death is related to her weight loss. We will also be comparing the politician’s before and after snippets for more clarity.

Kimberley Kitching Death

Most of you must be well aware of the death of Kimberley. Last week on Thursday, afternoon Senator Kitching died of a suspected heart attack.

According to reports, Kitching began feeling unwell while she was driving between two meetings. Kitching pulled over before calling her husband, Andrew Landeryou.

An ambulance was called but sadly by the time it got there, she could not be resuscitated and had died near where her vehicle was parked.

Labor leader Anthony Albanese said that Kitching’s sudden death and she would be “deeply missed by us all”. He continued saying that all of them in the Labor family are in shock tonight at the sudden death of our friend and colleague, Senator Kimberley Kitching

Later Kimberley’s demise was confirmed by Labor Leader Anthony Albanese.

Kimberley Kitching Weight Loss

According to recent reports done by Abc, the cause of her death was due to stress she recently had contributed by preselection.

Former Labor MP and close friend Michael Danby said Senator Kitching “felt the stress” of having her preselection by the ALP’s Victorian Right faction. He also added that the 52-year-old was subjected to bullying.

     Kimberley Kitching Weight Loss and Death(Before and After) (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

“What a disgrace that these people were able to cause her such stress,” he told Sky News.

Nonetheless, was the weight loss related to Kimberley’s death? Well, we have not found any reports that suggest that the weight loss had to do anything with Kitching’s heart attack.

We also searched for reasons for a heart attack in women and found out that it can be caused by Diabetes, Emotional stress and depression, Smoking, Pregnancy complications, and so on.

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Anyways, we also decided to compare her before and after photos, and yes there had been a slight change in her weight. As we compared her before and after photos, we looked slimmer before her death.

This is just our speculation but the politician doesn’t look healthy in her recent photos. So her death might be somehow connected to her death. But, there has not been any confirmation relating to it.

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