Are Red Velvet’s Joy and singer Crush Dating? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Are Red Velvet’s Joy and singer Crush Dating? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Find out all about the South Korean Singers Joy and Crush dating rumors

Joy aka Park Soo-young is a member of the girl singing group Red Velvet. Meanwhile, the singer has also focused on her single career. This June, she has also released a solo debut with the remake album Hello. And in August, Red Velvet released an album with the title their Queendom.

Talking more about the singer Crush, his real name is Shin Hyo-seob, and is an R&B/hip-hop singer. In fact, the 29 years old singer has been a well-recognized person in the music industry for several hits since his 2014 debut album Crush On You. Currently, Joy and Crush’s relationship has been a very talk-about topic in the K-pop music world. People are calling them the latest K-pop couple in the town. Thus, for the sake of queries people are having we have created this article.

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Is Red Velvet’s Joy and singer Crush Dating? Learn their Age Difference

As a matter of fact, Joy and Crush both agreed that they had a senior-junior relationship, but eventually having romantic feelings towards each other. Them being on top of the music charts, without question have a huge fan base. And after the rumor was confirmed they have all congratulated the couple.

Joy and Crush are rumored to dating each other

Joy and Crush are rumored to dating each other
Image Source: Celeb’s Diaries

Talking about the age difference Joy is 24-year-old while Crush is 29. The pair first collaborated on the song “Mayday,” which was released last May 2020. Furthermore, Sports Chosun, the largest sports and entertainment newspaper in Korea has claimed that the singers were in touch afterward.

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As the duo has shared their love for dogs as dog owners. And own a dog together. A fan has also tweeted that Joy was hinting at their relationship all along. As it turns what that Crush was the first-ever man in her IG.

Are the Rumors True or False?

P Nation, a well-known South Korean record label and entertainment agency. And SM Entertainment, South Korea’s largest entertainment companies have confirmed that the duo is dating. They say:

“Crush and Joy have recently started dating from being a close sunbae and hoobae.” 

Joy also directly talked about the whole topic herself via their fan community on Lysn. She says that they are still at the stage and have just recently confirmed their feelings for each other.

Joy and singer Crush's dating rumors seems to be true

Joy and singer Crush’s dating rumors seem to be true
Image Source: Zoom TV

They have also just started to get to know each other bit by bit. Furthermore, the Red-Velvet singer also says that they were being low-key about their relationship and was shocked that the article about their rumors of dating came out this early.

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South Korea’s mandatory military service listed him in November last year and will be there for around one and a half years. We hope that the couple will get back together as soon as possible. We also hope that the article was helpful and stay ended as it will be updated as soon as anything new pops up.

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