Popular Model Ashley Graham’s Rumored to have a Weight Loss in 2022

Popular Model Ashley Graham’s Rumored to have a Weight Loss in 2022

Find out all about Ashley Graham’s weight loss rumors with before and after snippets in detail

Ashley Graham is a 34-year-old American model and television presenter. After her career in modeling, Graham had her debut on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit in 2016.

Ashley was given a chance to be a model while she was not even in her teen years by the I&I modeling agency. The agency found her while she was shopping at a mall in Nebraska. The very next year she joined Wilhelmina Models, and in 2003, she was signed up by Ford Models. And after some time she was on the cover of top fashion magazines.

Besides this, generally, people know her also as a judge on the reality show America’s Next Top Model. Recently the model she expecting a baby and posted all sorts of pregnancy photos. Celebs and their pregnancy are quite trendy nowadays.

But looking at her photos some have also speculated that Ashley is having a weight loss during her pregnancy. So are these rumors true?- Well we have compared her before and after photo to confirm it.

Ashley Graham Weight Loss 2022

Well surfing into her Instagram we have found some videos in which Ashley is having a workout. The exercises contain jumping squats, lunges, burpees. In addition to this, it also has HIIT, ball smash, scissor legs, and jackknife. And also general exercises like sledgehammer swings, planks, push-ups, barbell squats.

The name of her trainer is Dawin Pena. All these workouts indicate that she really wanted to be fit and have a weight loss.

She also ran her first 5k marathon recently and goes for aerial stretching classes to keep her body flexible. But her favorite form of exercise is kickboxing.

              Ashley Graham Weight Loss (Before and After)             (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

Back in 2018, Ashley was suspected to have a weight loss. She responded by saying that she didn’t. And she added that she was actually gaining weight for a few years.

Ashley has also once admitted that people come onto her page and body shame her because she is too large, too little, or not up to their standards.

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And looking at her photo from around 2018 to 2020 she had a significant weight loss than the years prior. Before her pregnancy, she lost about 20 lbs. And Graham weighed around 90 kg.

Nonetheless, the question still remains did Graham have a weight loss in 2022. Well, she is currently pregnant and it is really hard to give you a definite answer.

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