Dirty Grandpa Actress Aubrey Plaza ‘Under the Knife’ Rumors Fact With Before & After Comparison

Dirty Grandpa Actress Aubrey Plaza ‘Under the Knife’ Rumors Fact With Before & After Comparison

Grab all details of Aubrey Plaza plastic surgery: botox, cheek augmentation, with before & after comparison in detail.

Aubrey Christina Plaza is an American actress, comedian, and producer who started her career through improv and sketch comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigada Theater. Plaza also gained prominence from NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation, and FX drama Legion. Plaza who started her career in 2006, and got her first leading role in 2012, Safety Not Guaranteed, has played in more than 83 movies and television shows.

That was a short biography about the 38 years old actress, however, that is not the subject we’ll be talking about here. Ahead we’ll be discussing actress Plaza plastic surgery which has been one of the curious subjects among her fans and followers on the internet, so in order to learn the real facts about it, ahead we present you with all the details regarding Aubrey Plaza plastic surgery.

Suspected of Facelift with Botox! Before and After Comparison

Yes, the 38 years old Plaza has been suspected of going ‘under the knife’ with some cosmetic surgery procedure called botox. The main reason why our research team believed that she underwent plastic surgery procedures is Despite being 38 years old, Plaza looks and physique are well-maintained which might also be the reason most people believed that she went under the knife.

Plaza Before & After comparison. (Image Source: Pinterest)

But as previewed above in her Before and After images, we can clearly witness that Plaza looks turned more youthful with time and the 38 years old actress seemed to be more youthful. Edges of her cheeks are tightened with no wrinkles or stretches.

While it is true that for ladies that makeup changes one’s appearance look a lot different and can make you look youthful as well anyway you want to look but seeing her thick cheek and jaw fat is where it added fuel to the speculations regarding cheek augmentation. For those who are unaware, cheek augmentation stretches and tightens one’s muscles and stretch marks under the eye to the jaw part.

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And when it comes to the actress, she has never claimed of undergoing plastic surgery procedures in any outlets or channel. While there is one procedure she might have undergone which is a nose job.

Aubrey Plaza Nose seems Pointer than Before

Yes, if you overlook the Funny People actress’s Before and After images then you can clearly witness that Plaza has undergone a nose job and rhinoplasty. The tip of her nose seems round in shape if we overlook her images from now and before whereas in the other image her nose seems pointy.

So yes, The To Do List actress Plaza has undergone nose surgery which is why the part of her nose bridge seems slimmer and pointy. In conclusion, Aubrey Plaza has undergone several plastic surgeries to maintain her youthful looks.

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