'Neighbours' actor, Jason Donovan Hair Transplant, Mullet Hair & Hairstyle

Australian soap ‘Neighbours’ actor, Jason Donovan Hair Transplant, Mullet Hair & Hairstyles Facts!

Grab the facts of the Australian soap ‘Neighbours’ actor, Jason Donovan hair transplant, mullet hair, hairstyles, and many more

Jason Donovan aka Jason Sean Donovan is an Australian actor and singer who rose to fame after portraying the role of Scott Robinson in the Australian soap Neighbours. As a matter of fact, Jason featured in the TV soap opera before he began his music career in 1988. Furthermore, the talented Jason is famous in both his acting and music career as he has sold over 3 million records in the UK.

Not to mention the UK actor is also famous for his mullet hair. Unfortunately, he has changed his hairstyle after going through a hair transplant. Ahead we present you with all the details of the actor’s hair transformation including the details of his mullet hair, hairstyles, hairspray, and many more.

Has Jason Donovan Gone through Hair Transplant? Does He Still Have a Mullet Hair?

If you have been following Jason Donovan from the very beginning then you might have known that he had mullet hair. In fact, it’s a famous hairstyle in the 80s. The UK singer used to have mullet hair which also made his looks more attractive. And not to mention, his portrayal in the Australian soap Neighbours with his good-looking mullet hair has made him a fan’s favorite.

Jason Donovan Before & After Hair Transplant

Jason Donovan Before & After Hair Transplant
Image Source: Celeb’s Diaries

But soon later, as he started to age his hair started to get unhealthy, started to falling and other unwanted effects started to happen with the actor’s hair. As being always in the spotlight and camera, slowly made the Especially for You singer uncomfortable with his hair. Likewise, being in the showbiz industry, their looks matter, and having a problem with his hair has got him no other choices than going through a hair transplant.

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The Australian pop star, Jason admitted going through a hair transplant to restore his hair and looks by saying

“I am really happy with the results. It’s something I did just for myself and haven’t felt the need to publicize it.”

And if you compare Jason’s before and after snippets of the singer’s hair transplant then you can learn that he had done the same procedures to Wayne Rooney. Moreover, talking about his mullet hair, he doesn’t have it anymore.

“Especially for You” singer’s Hairstyles & Haircut Facts!

The Australian actor and singer, Jason Donovan who was born on June 1, 1968, in Malvern, Australia is now 53 years old. As he is in his mid-fifties it’s obvious that his hair isn’t much healthier as compared to his mid-80s when he used to have mullet hair. So, he had admitted going through hair transplant surgery.

"Neighbours" actor, Jason's hairstyles and haircuts

“Neighbours” actor, Jason’s hairstyles and haircuts
Image Source: Celeb’s Diaries

Albeit, his fans, and followers have loved his mullet hair, they have also loved his current hairstyles and haircut. Have a look at his amazing hairstyles and haircuts as we have present above. And, don’t forget to share which one do you like. Also, visit his Instagram handle to be updated with his new hairstyles and haircuts.

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The Sealed With a Kiss singer is the talented son of Terence Donovan and Sue Mclntosh. As of now, he is 53 years old. Likewise, he is the father of 3 kids named Jemma, Molly, and Zac with whom he shared with his wife, Angela Malloch (m. 2008). Likewise, he stands at the height of 6 feet o inches.

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