Guns N’ Roses Frontman Axl Rose Plastic Surgery Facts

Every detail of Guns N’ Roses Frontman Axl Rose plastic surgery details.

Mostly when we write about plastic medical procedures articles, we list females. It’s uncommon to have a male in that class. Despite the fact that plastic medical procedure is very normal between both male and female celebrities, fans mostly come with gossips of big female names more than guys. But the case is different here, Guns N’ Roses lead vocalist Axl Rose, couldn’t escape from the rumors of plastic surgeries. Axl is often heard with gossips of going ‘under the knife’.

Before we move ahead, we can’t judge or criticize anyone for undergoing cosmetic procedures. Mostly to the one in the showbusiness, you always need to look the best. That’s why most of the people from the glamour industry choose plastic surgery as the solution. And in the case of our legendary Rockstar Axl by birth William Bruce Rose Jr, who has millions of fans watching all over the globe is swirled with rumors and assumptions of Axl Rose going for cosmetic surgeries like facelift, botox injections, rhinoplasty. So in order to know the real facts here, we present you with all the details.

Axl Rose Plastic Surgery

If we overlook to Rose’s before and after snaps then we can undeniably see some changes through the age. Yes, mostly the changes are also of his growing age as on the right snap he in his 20s while on the other picture Axl is in 50s. 

Guns and Rose Axl Rose Before and After Surgery

Rose Before and After
Image Source: Pinterest

Axl dissappeared for a while after his band de-formed in 90s. And the November Rain himaker came to the music scene after some gap from media. But around 2006, Rose came back on media but was disagraced for his wierd looks and styles. No one would believe it was him.

Axl way of dressing declined and he was not attractive at all. The charmness in his face has been replaced with saggy skins and moustache. Anyway coming to the point of surgeries, we highly believe that Rose has not undergone plastic medical procedure such as facelift or botox as he naturally looks old with saggy skin. 

However Axl is 58 years old and odds are he might’ve gone for faclift and Botox for wrinkle-less face. But William Bruce Rose Jr

Axl Rose Nose Surgery

If we over look over to Rose ‘before and after’ snaps then we would simply say that he had not undergone any surgeries. Axl nose was always pointy and good in shape.

Axl Rose Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

Axl Rose before and after nose surgery comparision.
Image Source: Pinterest

As there are many tabloids claiming that Axl has undergone surgeries like Rhinoplasty or had a nose job, we wouldn’t quiet agree on that. 

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