Bianca Lawson Weight Gain & Pregnant Rumors

Bianca Lawson Weight Gain & Pregnant Rumors

Grab all details of American film and television actress Bianca Lawson’s weight gain and pregnancy details inside the article.

Over time, the astounding weight gain of the Queen Sugar star Bianca Lawson has made her fans and followers curious wanting to learn the facts behind it.

While some are assuming that Bianca pregnancy is the reason behind her weight gain! However, that is not the fact, so, in order to learn all the facts, ahead, we present you with the details regarding it,

Bianca Weight Gain Reason is for a Tv Series Role

The 43 years old actress had weight gain for a special purpose which was to play the character of Darla on Queen Sugar. Yes, it was the major reason for her weight gain which has made most of her followers think of a weight gain.

Bianca Weight Gain Reason
Bianca Weight Gain Reason Explained! (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

And besides that, there is no other reason for her weight gain but solely her choice for the role of a pregnant lady named Darla in Queen Sugar. Bianca is the kind of actress who gets deep inside her character and tries to portray that perfect script character.

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So how did the 43 years old gain much weight? Well, she gained the extra mass from weight gain meals enriched with nutrients. The actress added some pounds with extra care without harming her and eating more frequently. So it was how Lawson was able to add some extra pounds to her weight. Initially weighing from 50 KG (118 LBS), Lawson added around 15 Kg of mass (33 Pounds).

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