Bill Gates Bodyguard's and his security team in detail

Bill Gates Bodyguards and his security team in detail

Find out what we have found about Bill Gates’s bodyguards and his security team in detail.

We think we don’t need to give an introduction to who Bill Gates is. This article is based on the protection team(Bodyguards) of Gates.

Researching on this subject we found that he did always use bodyguards.

But after the incident in Brussels, Belgium back in 1998 everything changed. In the incident, a team of men attacked Bill. Although they only attacked him with cream pies, the incident was enough to make him and his team realize that they needed a security team for the Billionaire.

Bill Gates Bodyguard

How many bodyguards does Bill Gates have? Well, we don’t know the total number of bodyguards he has but according to sources he mostly travels with 2.

What is the name of the billionaire’s bodyguards? Unlike other famous people, Gates has revealed the name of one of his bodyguards is Dan Clark.

           Bill Gates Bodyguard (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

Furthermore, Dan has been working for him for more than two decades, but his company filings started disclosing security costs as part of his compensation only in 2008.

Speaking about earnings, according to reports from way back in 2013, Dan earns an annual salary of one dollar but had over $2.6 million in security.

According to sources, celebrity bodyguards make $42000 to $145000 per annum. The national average cost for bodyguard protection is $20 to 30 per hour.

But we believe that Bill’s team pays his bodyguards more than what most celebrities do. Unfortunately, we can’t confirm the exact figure they make.

Bill travels with his bodyguards even to other Microsoft subsidiaries, he was always flanked with at least 2 big guys, often many more said David Lean a quora user who worked at Microsoft from 1990 to 2009.

He continued saying that previously any employee could wander into Bill’s office, in building 8, after hours. But when they built a new, extremely bomb-resistant building – all windows were inches thick.

No one was allowed on his floor without permission. Lean recalls a few trying to get in who were politely intercepted and put back in the lift. The corridor leading to Bill’s office was full of offices for his security people. Even if you sprinted you would never make it close to his office.

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And another user on Quora also shared his experience. He said that he still remembers Bill Gates’ car coming to his school. It was a large, black, SUV (probably armored) Bill stepped out with two extremely tall guys who were at least 6′8″, wearing long trench coats, and at least 3 times wider than Bill Gates himself.

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