Bill O’Reilly Net Worth & $32 Million Bail Sexual Harassments Case

Bill O’Reilly Net Worth & $32 Million Bail Sexual Harassments Case

Grab all details of American Television personality Bill O’Reilly’s net worth, income source from The O’Reilly Factor, and Sexual Harassment case. 

Bill O’Reilly has been like an ‘Apple to our Eyes’ since his long haul of work on television and popular. The O’Reilly Factor. And it’s natural to notice the faces we see on television routinely.  With that, it’s for sure that we also get hooked up with everything that’s happening to their life.

Relatively, Bill’s net worth also seemed to be one of the curious factors among the 72 years old television personality. So in order to know his real sum of net worth below we present you with all the details of his net worth, scandal and more.

Bill O’Reilly Net Worth 2020

bill o'reilly net worth 2020 is $100 million

Reilly’s holds a net worth of $100 million.
Image Source: The Daily Beast

As of 2020, The 71 years old American journalist Net Worth is $100 million. And behind his staggering source of income is credited to his successful & ‘controversial’ journalism career, television career, producer, and a high-number cheque from Fox News.

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He started his career at local stations and later went to work with media giants like CBS News and ABC News. After being one of the popular television faces, Bill later joined the Fox News Channel in 1996 and hosted the show called The O’Reilly Factor which was one of the highest-rated shows over the time for 16 years.

Earnings from The O’Reilly Factor – Salary of Top-Earning Television Host

From 1996 to 2017, Bill hosted his name after the show for 21 years straight. And as labeled by Forbes earned around $37 million over a year in 2017. However that was his maximum number, so if we take the average from O’Reilly earnings gives us around $20 million per annum least per year.

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And multiplying straight with 16 years (the highest-rated show period), superhit podcast No Spin News, the online video series gives us his net worth of a whopping $100 million calculating other of his income sources like endorsement, assets, and such.

Accused of Sexual Harassment with $32 Million Bail

Megyn Kelly accuses bill o'reilly sexual harrasment

Former Fox News presenter Megyn alleged Bill for sexual harassment in the office.
Image Source: The Daily Beast

Unfortunately, Bill had to pay a large sum of his net worth as he was alleged with sexual harassment scandals by former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly. As reported by the New York Times, Bill O’Reilly paid a bail of $32 million to settle his sexual harassment accusation. And as a matter of fact, the same year Fox offered him his biggest contract yet.

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The contracts were canceled and he had to cut-tie with his superhit highest-rated show ‘The O’Reilly Factor’. Yes, the political commentary sure was hit har, however, that didn’t make him completely broke as he already had millions piled up safely. Reilly however denies all the allegations and claims a dirty inside politics.

People Also Ask

Bill O’Reilly Height – 1.93 m tall height

Where is Bill O’Reilly From?  – New York, New York, United States

Why was the O’Reilly Factor Cancelled? – After the New York Times reported five sexual harassment settlements by O’Reilly and Fox News

When did Bill O’Reilly Get Married? On November 2, 1996, with wife Maureen E.McPhilmy

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