SNL Host and Actor Billy Crystal Plastic Surgery - Before and After

American actor Billy Crystal Plastic Surgery Truth!!!

Read the article to know everything about SNL actor Billy Crystal Plastic Surgery, Before and After, Botox and Facelift, and more

William Edward Crystal famously known as Billy Crystal is an American actor, director and producer as well. Rising to the stardom after 1970s and 1980s shows, he now has become a globally recognized actor.

With his contribution in the industry, people have been showing some interest in his appearance as well. Lately, the actor appeared in the talk show of Jimmy Fallon which caught many eyes. The interview also showed the actor’s looks has changed a lot.

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The Snippet of the actor
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The 74 year-old actor didn’t look like in his then movies. So, the public started questioning about his plastic surgery. The rumors got spread around as most of the celebrities have been found to be following several plastic surgery procedures in one’s old age. But has Billy Crystal gone through any plastic surgery? If yes, what are the probable surgical procedures he might have done? Learn all the details with before and after comparison.

Billy Crystal Before and After Plastic Surgery

The actor’s comedian characters also have made him familiar with children. Like other’s case, aging signs and shaggy skin are not visible in the face of Billy. So, suspicions about Botox and fillers have filled the internet. He doesn’t have a skin type one should be having in mid-seventies. Along with these procedures, he also might have adopted facelift for the charm he has now.

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The actor is 74 as of 2022
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Such surgical enhancement procedure have somehow made his reaction look a little less natural. At least, the people have been saying that. The Botox injection have added a glow to his skin making it more brighter and sparkling as well.

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Furthermore, the SNL star also have added some fat to his face to hide the sunken face. This has also slowed down his aging process. Besides, people also have added eyelift surgery under the allegation. Isuwft have mentioned that the procedure might have been adopted to remove the eye bag which have worked perfectly.

Expert’s Opinion on his surgical procedure

sheknows also was able to collect some photos along with vital information on the case of his plastic surgery. The ‘Here Today’ actor, however, has a neck of his age which have clearly showed the effect of knife on his face. The site also wrote the changes prominently occurred between the 2001 and 2004.

Billy Crystal Plastic Surgery

Then and Now Comparison of the actor
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Regarding expert’s opinions, Dr. Christopher Zachary said, “The only positive thing that can be said about this awful facelift is that Billy Crystal’s humor will likely transcend it.” Another dermatologist Dr. Vincent Afsahi added, “My advice to Billy Crystal: No more surgery. The goal is to look natural.”

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After hearing some opinions, we can put an end to it saying the actor really have gone under the surgeon’s blade. The surgeries have done a great job. But with age, more surgeries are leading to unnatural looks of the star.

Also, the actor won the majority of worst plastic surgery award created through poll. He has been successful to hide much about his age through plastic surgery. All thanks to his plastic surgeon.

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