‘Break My Heart’ Singer Dua Lipa: Plastic Surgery

Find out all about the ‘Love Again’ Singer Dua Lipa’s plastic surgery rumors with before and after snippets comparisons.

Dua Lipa is a 26-year-old English singer and songwriter. Beside this she has also signed with Warner Bros. Her recent copyright infringement has gained her more publicity but in a negative way.

Her increase in popularity has also stacked her fans and followers interest towards her getting under the knife. This is a subject we like to discuss.

The top cosmetic surgeries according to Hopkins, including eyelid surgery, liposuction, nose reshaping, tummy tuck, breast augmentation, and facelift.

Redesigning the body’s contour and shape, smoothing wrinkles, or fixing a broken nose can be achieved from this type of surgeries.

However, many are not aware that plastic surgeries also have negative impacts- An unexpected reaction to anesthesia, infections, scarring. And they also excess bleeding and damage nerves.

You must have also seen this “Save Your Tears” music video premiered on Jan. 5, 2021. The popular Singer Weekend uses several surgeries with the help of CGI to reflect the showbiz industry and social media influence today.

It is clear that the showbiz is the most desirable place to be when you look appealing but it can also be viscous when you don’t. Singer also have to deal with such pressure nowadays.

We have covered a ton of celebs and their plastic surgery rumors. Most of those operations involved eye-brow lift, face-lift, breast implant. And people also favor nose jobs, lip fillers, cheek augmentation, and botox injections.

In fact, we have also covered only fans star who went under the knife for vaginal surgery. Check this.

Dua Lipa Plastic Surgery (Before and After)

First of all we want to talk about her beautiful feature. Her eye brow were naturally thick and curved enough, her skin tone is also what makes her pleasing.

The singer has not admitted nor responded to any of the plastic surgery rumors. There has not been anything regarding this as well. So, we needed to do some digging ourselves.

                  Dua Lipa Plastic Surgery (Before and After)               (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

After comparing Lipa’s before and after photos, we easily noticed that she had a lip filler surgery. It was not hard to see that her upper lip looks more plumped than before. And her lips do look wider than before.

Besides, this nose job can also be suspected. As we mentioned before, we assure you that the most common form of plastic surgery done by celebs you can find in this website is nose job.

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We believe several people have it because a properly shaped nose can draw more attention towards your eyes and lips. This case can also be seen in Dua’s condition.

Besides this according to rumors, the singer has also been speculated to have a boob job. However, we are not so sure about this one.

In addition to this, few of her fans have also commented that she had orthognathic surgery better known as a jawline surgery.

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