Brielle Biermann Denies Plastic Surgery!!!

Check out about the young TV personality Brielle Biermann Plastic Surgery Allegations, her denial, lip fillers, Buttocks, Rhinoplasty, and more.

The young TV star Brielle Biermann has been under allegations of plastic surgery. Did she went for the procedure or the rumors are just tidbits? Her beauty has fascinated every fan and audience of the show. People got surprised as Brielle has transformed a lot from her earlier looks on ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’.

The incredible transformation looks of the actress made the people raise the gossip tidbits of plastic surgery. While some even had assumed that it is just a result of makeup and skincare products. Visit her Instagram for her beauty tips and makeup tricks.

Brielle Lip Augmentation

Brielle always has been a confronting one when it comes to her beauty and appearance. According to lifeandstylemag, she opened addressed the allegations saying she hasn’t done surgery on the nose and on the buttocks. But, she agreed that she had gone through lip augmentation which is clearly visible now.

Brielle-Biermann-lip-fillers (1)

Comparison between her lips before and after
Image Source: Life & Style

She never really liked her lip and always wanted a change. She first went through a procedure when she was only 19. Coming to 2020 also, she again followed up with a filler on her lips. However, with many doctors involved she didn’t get the lips as she expected. Besides, she is happy with the surgeon’s work and her choice to do it.

Allegations about Brielle Biermann Plastic Surgery

Intouchweekly has presented their idea that Brielle mustn’t have had surgery as she grew up in front of the media. Lately, the star denied her plastic surgery allegations after a show ‘Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen’. She expressed her rage to those accusing her of a lot of surgeries.

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Her actual words were, “They don’t realize that you look different when you’re 10 years old to 24. I hope I look f—ng different.” Page Six has gone through some details to acknowledge the public about the star’s plastic surgery.

Buttock Fillers and Rhinoplasty

Other than that, a picture of her booty also made the fan suspect if she had gone through buttocks fillers. But she immediately replied that her “ass” was real. In this case, her mom, Kim also supported her through people saying she hasn’t had surgery on her nose or butt. The rumors about her rhinoplasty also at a time went so high.

brielle-biermann-beauty-transformation (1)

The Snippet of Brielle Biermann Before and After
Image Source: Bravo TV

She posted, “My favorite thing is when people accuse me of having my nose done when I indeed have never. I was just blessed with this perfect nose and all these hoes are mad about it.” on her Twitter which clearly said that her nose is god-gifted.

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The actress is in her young and most active age. All her beauty may be the result of her growing age and make-up tactics. While in contrast, Pinterest has presented the views of audiences and has written she might have gone through facial injection, breast enlargement, and other treatments. But, it seems wrong as she is just a 24-year-old girl who has been in the eye of the media since 13-years-old.

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