“Lip Fillers Ruined My Face”- Bond Girl Britt Ekland

All about 70’s Bond Girl Britt Ekland Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong, How Lip Augmentation “Ruined” Her face, The Man with the Golden Gun, and more.

Britt Ekland, the star of the 70s recently revealed why she wouldn’t go under the blade ever again. After the actress’s admission, the subject of her plastic surgery became piqued. The gorgeous actress now is unrecognizable after her surgery didn’t favor her. What surgery made her the way she looks now? Know all about it here.

Which Plastic Surgery Ruined Britt Ekland Face?

‘The Wicker Man’ star accentuated on her lip fillers behind the transformation she possessed now. As said in an interview with Platinum Magazine, the statement came as lip augmentation totally “ruined” her face.

Britt Ekland Plastic Surgery (1)

Her Plastic Surgery Transformation Came as a Disaster to her
Image Source: Page Six

The 78-year-old actress addressed her lip surgery,

“Everyone has the right to choose. I did all of that in my 50s, but wouldn’t consider it again.”

She also added it as the “biggest mistake” she had done.

Through etcanada, she also mentioned how she felt about getting older and it was hard for her to accept her aged looks.

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She also expressed her sadness saying,

“I’ve had to live with newspapers printing horrible pictures of me. They don’t understand that the man who did this used me as some sort of experiment and destroyed [my lips]. For a really long time, I couldn’t do television or films.”

The actress is on her way to eighty and concerning some aging effects is not strange. Especially when it comes to the actress or celebrity. So, she tried to hide her old age with surgical procedure and that’s when things didn’t go the way she expected them to be.

She went through “Traumatic” Experience After Failed Lip Fillers

So, it seems she really had to go through traumatic experiences after her surgery failed. Looking at her pictures, the so-called lip augmentation also has a lot of effect on her face and eyes as well. The wrinkled skin and dark lines are not unusual for someone in their late seventies. However, her lips have changed a lot from a young age.

Britte Ekland After Plastic Surgery

We can see why the actress is so against plastic surgery
Image Source: Celebs Diaries

According to eonline, the bond girl also had appeared on a British talk show in 2016 where she recalled and shared about her struggles after the surgery.

Page six also put any effort into her surgery saying the experimental filler she took was Artecoll made from bovine collagen. The site also added that ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’ actress has been trying hard to suppress it through painful injection for a long time.

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In 2008, Britt Ekland also took the name of Nicole Kidman saying she has used botox and made her look worse. However, it seems she understood the compelling procedure to go at an older age.

As written by Foxnews, the actress Ekland also advised her younger fans not to go through any surgical procedure before 50 as it triggers the aging process and you will regret it after all.

Britt Ekland in “The Man with the Golden Gun”

Britt is most famous for her role as Mary Goodnight in the 1974 James Bond film,’ The Man with the Golden Gun’. The movie cast Roger Moore, Maud Adams, Christopher Lee, and more. The actress first rose into the news panel after her marriage with actor, Peter Sellers.

Britte Ekland as Bond Girl (1)

The Snippet of the actress as Bond Girl
Image Source: Pinterest

Following her popularity, she acted in dozens of films so far. However, fans as well as the actress, herself, said she will always be a bond girl.

“The 1974 James Bond film The Man With The Golden Gun has to be top of my list because it’s a Bond film.”

The actress conceded,

“In fact, the Bond franchise has been a constant throughout my life. Being a Bond girl has, in many ways, been the gift that never stops giving. It has offered me nothing but joy.”

Talking about her Social Media, she is active on Instagram and Twitter. Stay updated and Tuned with us.

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