Kardashians Star Bruce Jenner Plastic Surgery and Gender Transformation!!!

Kardashians Star Bruce Jenner Plastic Surgery and Gender Transformation!!!

Read the article to know everything in detail about Bruce Jenner Plastic Surgery, before and after, transformation, gender, and more

Caitlyn Marie Jenner born as Bruce Jenner has her separate fan base. After appearing in several movies and TV Shows, she has been known to the public. Besides, she is best reputed for her career as American media personality. Her reputation sparked up after she won Olympic gold-medal. The athletic star also is known for her contribution in the field.

With the time, her plastic surgery became a trending topic in the internet. Several suspicions were made about the star seeing his before and after pictures. Some changes in his appearance led the fans and followers to raise queries about his looks.

Bruce Jenner Image (1)

The Snippet of the TV Star Bruce Jenner
Image Source: CNN

But has he gone through any plastic surgery? What cosmetic procedures has he adopted in the past? Know all about Bruce Jenner plastic surgery with before and after comparison.

Bruce Jenner Then Plastic Surgery

Previously too, media tried to cover some topics about the surgical procedures he went through. The surgery didn’t come as expected and he had to further improvise with another one in the year 2009. Since then his name has been a familiar name in plastic surgery field.

Bruce Jenner before and after plastic surgery

Comparison of his snap before and after
Image Source: Celebs Diaries

Later, he himself revealed that he was not in his correct mind to adopt those procedures. Furthermore, surgery isn’t the only reason he looks a bit different. As opposed to before, he started to wear his hair ponytail.

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Born as male, his gender transition made a lot changes in the TV star as well. The surgery made he look more feminine. With that, people were shocked to see their star changed from Bruce to Caitlyn in the year 2015.

Bruce is now Caitlyn Jenner and looks a lot different

Following her divorce with Kris Jenner, he came out as transgender which shook the whole world. The early seventies star thought about sustaining his beauty in this age too. So, he took a couple or more steps of surgeon’s blade to get the looks as he has now.

Bruce Jenner Now as Caitlyn Jenner (1)

He looks a lot different than before
Image Source: CNN

Keeping up with The Kardashians revealed about another recent knife Bruce went through. The video itself revealed a lot about the procedure he was going through. The surgeon Garth Fisher made him look a lot youthful and charming. Comparing his before and after looks from the surgery, it seemed blade had effects on his eyelids, cheeks and chins.

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Sites like abcnews also collected some of the star photos in order showing his transformation through the years. Unlike other celebrities, he has always been open with his surgery works. Thus, every admirers queries are answered to some extent. The Kardashian star’s decision to go under the knife of a surgeon respecting her transgender feeling got a lot appreciation too.

Talking about his social media, he is active on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. Stay connected at every one of them for any updates on the star with his family.

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