Bruce Springsteen Plastic Surgery - Hair Transplant, Surgeon's View

Bruce Springsteen Plastic Surgery

Bruce Springsteen All Plastic Surgeries and Expert’s Opinion on it

The talented Bruce Springsteen hit the internet and grabbed everyone’s attention through his awesome career both as a solo artist and the leader of the E Street Band. He has been entertaining the public with his song-writing skills since the early 1970s. There may be only a few left who didn’t listen to his breakout song Born to Run released in 1975. The singer born in 1949 is now in his seventies and still contributing to the music industry.

The handsome singer has fascinated the critics with his looks and songs. But some people are also raising the question of whether or not Bruce had plastic surgery. As any type of cosmetic surgery has been common in the case of Hollywood celebrities, it is not unusual to think the same about singer Springsteen. He has been a social media influencer too as the singer is active on Facebook and Instagram.

Bruce Springsteen Plastic Surgery

Going through the different news sites, everyone has pointed out their own opinion. In the trend of judging the singer from one’s perspective, Pinterest has given some pictures trying to explain the difference Bruce has had through the surgery. Also, according to them, Bruce Springsteen must have gone through at least Hair Transplant, Botox Injections, Facial Fillers, and Facelift.

Bruce Springsteen Plastic Surgery

Bruce Springsteen Plastic Surgery Before and After
Image Source: Flickdriver

Comparing his before and after pictures, we can see several changes. Furthermore, Bruce’s plastic surgeon must be good at his job as the beauty the singer possesses looks natural. Even though Pinterest has said that the song-writer went through several procedures, it also hasn’t denied the fact they are not confirmed. Because cosmetic enhancement is done in such a way that they are hard to locate.

Botox and Facelift

The singer is now in his early seventies. Normal people at this age must have saggy skin and dark spots on their faces. But Bruce looks the same as in his fifties. The combination of facelift and botox has always been proven the best surgical procedure to overcome the aging signs and other flaws.

Bruce Springsteen in his seventies

The singer has clear skin even in his 70s
Image Source: Daily Telegraph

As the singer looks active and has a good posture even in his seventies, the public is in a dilemma. Some are saying the result is because of good makeup and some are pointing that he had Botox Injection. According to Rolling Stone, the singer also admitted about the surgery in an interview with Vanity Fair.

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The rumors about Botox came into the media after the singer was perceived in some photos without any wrinkles and fine lines.  Besides, Bruce’s facial skin also seems a little stretched. Crow’s feet are missing as in a youthful person and the singer also physically has a good posture even at this old age. But also, it has been hard for the audience to decide about the American Star’s surgery.

Bruce Springsteen Hair Transplant

If you have been following Bruce Springsteen for a long time, you will come to notice some changes in his hair too. He is suspected to have a hair transplant a few years ago when he had some problems with hair falling. Judging from the photos, his hair looks less natural than his appearance. Thus, some sources like Reddit have mentioned some fan’s opinions that he may have done a Hair transplant but not other surgeries.

Bruce Springsteen Hair Before and After

Doesn’t he have a difference in his Hair?
Image Source: Closer Weekly

In 2016, some fans have claimed that the singer had thin hair. And now he is back with a head full of thick hair making celebrity watchers wonder about him. Talking more about his hair, The New Yorker also wrote,

“His hairline is receding, and, if one had to guess, he has, over the years, in the face of high-def scrutiny and the fight against time, enjoined the expensive attentions of cosmetic and dental practitioners.”

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So, coming to the rumors of a hair transplant, it has been easy to judge.

Experts’ opinion

To put an end to the debate of Bruce Springsteen Plastic Surgery, Closerweekly has collected several surgeons saying about the rising rumors regarding the singer’s surgery. Dr. Andrew Miller denied that Bruce had plastic surgery saying, “Well, if you look closely, you don’t really see signs of plastic surgery. The wrinkles in his forehead are deeper, so no Botox. His eyelids and neck are heavier, so no eyelid or neck lift.” He further added, “His face is overall thinner now, so he probably isn’t getting any fillers. The only thing I could possibly say is he may have had a small hair transplant — just something to keep his frontal hairline up.”

Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen doesn’t look as he had Surgery
Image Source: Rolling Stone

Further talking about other’s opinions, Dr. Adam H. Hamawy and Dr.Vartan Mardirossian also agreed with Dr. Miller’s Point of View.  The IMDb page also has shared the same article. As Bruce, himself hasn’t addressed the rumors of plastic surgery, we should go behind the plastic Surgeon’s opinion. So, Bruce Springsteen most probably had a hair transplant but he couldn’t be suspected to have other surgery, not at least until he confirms it. Bruce Springsteen also may have a good gene that is supporting his appearance and overall personality.

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