Bunnie Xo Before Plastic Surgery

Everything about Bunnie xo before plastic surgery with comparisons and analyses in detail.

Bunnie Xo aka Bunnie DeFord is a recognizable face in the entertainment industry now. Bunnie is also the owner of Dumb Blonde Productions, a podcast host. And she is also a model and a YouTube sensation.

For those who want to know what Dumb Blonde Podcast is.

This is a top-ranking show that brings all walks of life to light. Besides being available on all streaming platforms it can also be seen as a visual show on YouTube. Bunnie is the sole host and owner of the show. And the show focuses on digging deep into the past of her guests, gives light to current issues, and even has her guests play outlandish games.

Bunnie Xo undergoing the knife has been talked about a lot. So, we have decided to look at her before and after the snippet to find any changes.

Bunnie Xo Before Plastic Surgery

There are several plastic surgery/cosmetic surgery. We are gone list out the most preferred and common ones- Blepharoplasty, Rhinoplasty, facelift, and eye-brow lift. In addition to this botox, breast implant and cheek augmentation/cheek implant are also favored.

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Bunnie doesn’t fall into the category of shy people. Her modeling career has many avenues from music videos to magazines and has been on Playboy TV. Because is married to musician Jelly Roll, she has appeared in many of his music videos and live concerts.

Anyways talking about her having plastic surgeries. There is not much that the model has stated.

Bunnie DeFord, aka @omgitsbunnie once admitted to investing in a $10,000 (£7,700) breast implant surgery almost 13 years ago. But apart from this is has never admitted to going under plastic surgery procedures.

How did Bunnie’s plastic surgery rumors surface? They must have started after she admitted that she had implants done and now she has removed them. And she also claims it was one of the best decisions she did.

           Bunnie Xo plastic surgery (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

Besides her boobs, she has not linked enhancement being done to any other place. Comparing her photos, we suspect that she has had botox surgery. Although this can be caused by make-up, the glow on her face and the absence of wrinkles and fine lines indicate a procedure.

We also believe that lip fillers were also in use. Because Bunnie’s lips do look plumped than required.

When did Bunnie start having plastic surgeries done? Well, believe it was before 2016.  Because as we looked at her photo on Instagram, the oldest photo dated back to 2016. However, there is less to no difference with her current photo.

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