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Find out all the facts about Chael Sonnen’s plastic surgery, height, net worth, wife, and teeth.

Chael Sonnen is a former martial artist. He started his MMA career in 1997. Sonnen was a top contender in both the light heavyweight and middleweight divisions. Thus, he fought for both the UFC(Ultimate Fighting Championship) Light Heavyweight and UFC Middleweight Championships.

We found that many details of the UFC contender have been remained unanswered. Thus, we have gathered all the information about the rumors and facts about the mixed martial artist analyst. Read more to find out all the details about Chael Sonnen’s plastic surgery, height, net worth wife, and teeth.

Chael Sonnen plastic surgery

In June 2012, in an afternoon conference call, Anderson Silva said that Chael Sonnen was going to be needing plastic surgery after their fight. So, did Silva win the fight, and did Sonnen go under the knife? While Silva did win the fight however there is no news that confirms that Sonnen ever needs plastic surgery.

                             Chael Sonnen plastic surgery                                                     (Before and after)(Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

Another plastic surgery that surfaced was when the wrestler was on a UFC 167 Fight with Rashad Evans. Was it in 2013 that Chael had any plastic surgery?

No, the UFC contender did not have any surgery. What he did have was colon surgery. The fighter had to go through an emergency surgery just a day before his fight with former light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans.

So, how did Sonnen pass through a medical exam when he had surgery just a day before. UFC verified that Sonnen did not have any surgery before the fight with Evans.

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So, was Chael’s colon surgery just only a rumor like his plastic surgery rumors. Unfortunately, we do not have a clear answer as the UFC contender has neither confirmed nor denied his colon surgery just a day before the fight with Rashad Evans.

Chael Sonnen Height and more

So, how tall is the former UFC fighter? What is his height? According to CelebHeightWiki, Chael Sonnen is 6 feet or 185 cm. When was the mixed martial artist born?

He was born on 3 April 1977 in Oregon, USA. Chael Sonnen is 44 years old as of 2021. The 44-year-old has blue eyes. Also, the color of his hair is brown.

We also see that many fans want to know the 6 feet tall fighter’s weight.. So, what is the weight of Sonnen? According to sources, his weight is 93 kg or approximately 205 pounds.

Chael Sonnen Net Worth and career

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Chael Sonnen is estimated to have a net worth of $10 million US dollars.

Sonnen debuted as a mixed martial artist in1997. He quickly rose in his career. The 44-year-old got interested in becoming a professional fighter at an early age.

He started training in boxing in 1996. A year later Sonnen started doing mixed martial artist as a profession. Chael trained in boxing because he wanted to become a UFC fighter. He has not only fought just in UFC. Besides UFC, the retired mixed artist has fought in the WEC, Pacrase, and Bellator MMA.

Sonnen was inspired to become a wrestler at an early age. He started training seriously to become a professional fighter at the age of 9.

Chael was a runner-up in the state championship when he was studying in high school. Although, Sonnen never won any championships he is one of the successful fighters. He shifted to a career as an MMA analyst in 2014.

Chael Sonnen Wife 

Who is Chael Sonnen’s wife? When did Sonnen get married? Chael Sonnen got married to his wife in July 2013. His wife’s name is Brittany Smith.

                   Chael Sonnen family(Image Source: Instagram)

Who is Brittany Smith? Unfortunately, Chael Sonnen had decided to keep her information private. Thus, we do not have much information about the former mixed martial artist’s wife.

Also, there is no information on how they met and their dating life before their marriage. Their secret wedding came as a surprise to everyone including Sonnen’s mother.

The couple has two children together. Sadly, they had to face the tragic loss of their third child. Brittany has a Twitter account with the Twitter handle @BrittanySonnen.

She has 3,071 followers on social media. Their two children are named Thero and Pria.  Their son Thero Stephen was born on 4 July 2015. His daughter Pria is the youngest of the two.

She was born a year later. Brittany gave birth to her second daughter in August of 2013. Also, the couple named their third child Blauna Dian. However, she died after six days.

Blauna was falsely diagnosed as having dehydration. The cause of her death seems to be delayed correct diagnosis. The mother has said that she does not blame anyone.

Chael Sonnen Teeth.

Did Chael Sonnen get new teeth? Did he have any problems with his teeth? What are these teeth rumors about Chael Sonnen? No, the former UFC fighter has not got new teeth.

Chael Sonnen teeth before and after (image Source: Celebs Diaries)

Also, his teeth are good. However, in 2017 he talked about a moment he thought when his teeth were going to break. In addition, there are many moments when his opponents have said they want to break his teeth.

Anderson Silva has said that he wants to break Sonnen’s teeth in UFC 148. Chael Sonnen is famous for his trash talks.  Chael has answered back to Silva’s remark about breaking his teeth with more insults.

Another UFC fighter who has talked about breaking Sonnen’s teeth is Antonio Rodrigo. However, the 44-year-old’s teeth are fine. He shows no signs of any cosmetic work done to his teeth.

His before and after pictures of his teeth are not much different. Moreover, the fighter does not seem to have put any veneers. However, the fighter has perfectly aligned teeth now.

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Is it because of his new set of teeth? So far Sonnen has not spoken anything regarding whether he has done anything to his teeth or not. We compared him before and after photos.. He may have gotten better treatments for his teeth.

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