Has the BMX rider Chelsea Wolfe Fixed Teeth?

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The trending name in the US of Chelsea Wolfe is other than the singer-songwriter. BMX rider Chelsea has set her name in the trending section due to her teeth. Her motive to “burn the US flag” also has made some news on the internet. With that, her teeth also have piqued interest among the public and we are here to answer the queries of the public.

The BMX rider has been performing several dangerous stunts to astonish her fans. However, some stunts didn’t favor her and brought some damages to her teeth. Did the US athlete go through any procedure to enhance her teeth? Know all about her broken teeth and what is her motive in managing them.

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Chelsea Wolfe Teeth Fix and Veneers

Being a player is a risky thing, especially when it comes to showing stunts over bicycles and motorbikes. So, it doesn’t surprise us that the athlete fell down during a stunt and broke her teeth. After the incident, people have been following the player’s teeth. Also, UFC players Charles Oliveira, Jake Paul, and Lydia Ko have done some enhancements to their teeth.

Chelsea Wolfe BMX (1)

Her teeth seemed devastated after the incident
Image Source: FootballWallpaper

Comparing her before and after pictures, she didn’t have perfect teeth before too. However, the good-looking teeth got broken and it made her appearance far different from before. She hurt her front teeth set losing some of them.  Along with that, she also broke her right side front tooth which has degraded her looks.

Chelsea Wolfe BMX after teeth Fix (1)

Her teeth later were fine
Image Source: Out

To answer fans’ and followers’ queries, she seems to have done some enhancement over her teeth. Stalking through her Facebook profile, it seems the athlete herself didn’t like her appearance with disturbed teeth. As her post on June 15, 2021, her teeth are perfectly normal and arranged.

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The good thing is she is back with her stunts on BMX representing the USA. Talking more about her teeth, it seems she has used veneers as well. Besides, teeth whitening is also supposedly an enhancement she must have gone through.

Chelsea being Transgender Supports the LGBTQ community

Furthermore, the athlete is about to compete in Olympics which is about to start on July 23, 2021. Her participation in such a huge competition also triggered her fame throughout the country. Moreover, her post against her country also has been trending news as of now.

Chelsea Wolfe BMX stunt (1)

The athlete really deserves Olympic Medal
Image Source: Celebs Diaries

As mentioned by Fox News, she captioned,

“My goal is to win the Olympics so I can burn a US flag on the podium. This is what they focus on during a pandemic. Hurting trans children.”

In case you do not know, the athlete is transgender and has been continuing to struggle to provide proper rights to trans children. Furthermore, she also is a supporter of the LGBTQ community. Although the post had to be taken down, the athlete confirmed that she is not gonna rest while other trans are getting tortured.

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Being the first trans to represent the USA in Olympics, she has been a huge example to society. Besides, she also is a source of motivation to those who want to pursue their goal in the field of stunts. We wish her all the best for the coming Olympics.

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