Chrissie, Sam & Browny Co-Host Chrissie Swan Weight Loss

Chrissie, Sam & Browny Co-Host Chrissie Swan Weight Loss

Everything about Australian Television and Radio Presenter Chrissie Swan’s weight loss with before and after photo comparison, diet plan, and workout plan in detail.

Chrissie Swan is a 48-year-old Australian television and radio presenter and media personality from Melbourne. Currently, she co-hosts Chrissie, Sam & Browny on Nova 100 with Sam Pang and Jonathan Brown. In addition to this, Swan was the presenter of Mix 101.1’s afternoon show 3 PM Pick-Up and breakfast program, Chrissie & Jane, with Jane Hall.

Swan was a co-host of Network Ten’s morning show, The Circle, and also on The Great Australian Spelling Bee.

Swan previously hosted the television series Can of Worms. Swan made television appearances on All-Star Family Feud, The Project, Studio 10, Show Me the Movie!, Have You Been Paying Attention? and Hughesy, We Have a Problem

However, today we will not be discussing her career. We would actually like to share Swan’s weight loss journey with before and after photo comparison.

Chrissie Swan Weight Loss (Before And After)

How did Swan’s weight loss rumors resurface? Although Chrissie had months ago, recently she was spotted with her friend and she looked even slimmer.

                      Chrissie Swan weight loss(Before and After)                                                    (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

Previous to this The mother of three stunned her fans with her incredible weight loss after posting a picture of herself wearing a baby pink suit and white sneakers on Instagram. The public could believe their eyes.

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Did Chrissie Swan lose lots of weight? Yes, the 48-year-old lost a ton of weight. You might even find it hard to believe but the radio presenter lost 90 kg. You heard it not 5 or 10 not even 20 she lost a whopping 90kg.

Chrissie Swan Weight Loss Diet Plan and Workout Plan

Did Chrissie Swan get weight loss surgery? No, she did not a surgery to lose her weight nor did she use some sort of weight loss pills. Her key to body transformation was through eating well and regular exercise.

Unfortunately, the host has not revealed specifically what diet plan is she on, and similarly, her workout plan is also not revealed.

Swan claims that she cut off the alcohol drinking and late-night parties. And this was enough to get this much change in her weight. The TV personality credits Melbourne’s lockdown and practicing meditation for her weight loss

Was Chrissie an alcoholic? According to her own words, there is a high chance she was an alcoholic. She expressed that before her weight loss, she couldn’t control the urge of drinking.

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This led to her anxiety going through the roof and ruined her sleep. But now after she cut off the intake she is having a happier and healthier life than before. Lastly, we also compared and put her before and after side by side and the difference is truly astonishing.

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