Christian Nodal and Belinda tattoos

Christian Nodal and Belinda tattoos

Christian Nodal and Belinda Have Mentioned Each Other As Soulmate Through Their Tattoos, Necklace, and Other Gifts

The news about Christian Nodal‘s Tattoo issues with Belinda is breaking the internet. The couple has been together for some time. With time, their relationship is being deeper and strong. Both being a reputed person in Mexico, they couldn’t hide their relationship from the media and public. Although the couple was dating the whole time, they only made it public in August.

Christian Reveals The Tattoo Indicating Belinda As His Partner

The Mexican singer showed his tattoo through his post on his social media profile. The public was astonished by the post as it looked unbelievable for the pop star to do so. With all doubts and dilemmas, fans and critics have been questioning his tattoo and his relationship with Belinda. The post on his Facebook also had the processing video of the tattoo which was also shared by his soulmate, Belinda.

Belinda and Christian Nodal Have Related Tattoos

The couple shares some related tattoos
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Following the trend to seal one’s soulmate, they both have tattoos for each other proving the world that they are made for each other. The pop star, Belinda, never had such a serious relationship with other celebrities. But, with the tattoo of the initials of Christian Nodal inside a heart shape, one can understand how far the relationship is gone. Also, Belinda was never open as this much about her relationship status which makes her seem confident and happy more than ever. The occasion for the tattoo is explained as their anniversary.

The Couple’s Tattoo Theory and Deeper Meaning

Although the couple has numerous tattoos on their body, the significant one has been Number 4 on both of their hands which implies the day when their relationship started. Also, the ankle tattoo of Belinda has its own theory. The heart was previously made the space was left empty to fill the initials of her love. And now that the initials are done, we have no doubt about the love life of stars Belinda and Nodal.

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Besides tattoo sections, the couple also got the necklace for strengthening their relationship. Every individual is now raising the rumors including their tattoo as Mexican culture and some other devotions. However, their relationship hasn’t come out as a surprise because of their previous posts as love birds overall their Instagram and Facebook.

 Does Lupillo Rivera- Belinda’s Ex has something to do with Tatoo?

Belinda had her ex-boyfriend Lupillo Rivera‘s face tattoo on her arm but she never thought their relationship as now she is thinking. She was also seen to neglecting the tattoo on her arm. After the breakup with Lupillo Rivera, it seems Belinda has left much of her heavy part behind. She has so deeply fallen in love with Christian knowing for sure she doesn’t have to regret the moment.

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Be that as it may, some people were seeing their dates no so seriously. Many of them also claimed the relationship maybe for a publicity stunt or something. But the coordination of the couple and their visit to the tattoo studio have proved all wrong. The couple is really into something more a relationship and affairs.

Christian Nodal Tattoos

Doesn’t it look Realistic?
Image Source: HOLA!

Further talking about Tattoos, Christian Nodal has an incredible tattoo on his chest lengthened all the way to his belly representing the beautiful eyes Belinda possessed. This tattoo also has gained a lot of appreciation and reviews as it seems so realistic and attractive.

Lovebirds Christian and Belinda

Belinda and Christian Nodal Expressing Love as Lovebirds
Image Source: Sunriseread

The way couples are going seems really fast as they have been dating for a year only. Some have pointed out the age difference they bear. Both of the singing stars are active on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Also, visit their new songs and albums from their official youtube channel.

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