'Rust to Riches' star Constance Nunes Plastic Surgery, Facelift, Lip Fillers

Did Constance Nunes from Rust to Riches go through Plastic Surgery?

Everything you have been searching for ‘Rust to Riches’ star Constance Nunes Plastic Surgery, Facelift, Lip Fillers, Transformation, and more

Constance Nunes has set her name as a successful model and a reality tv star with her appearance in the Netflix series Rust to Riches. The Portuguese model has her own fanbase and admirer as of now. Her fame across the world has led to some rumors regarding Constance’s appearance.

The daily viewers of the reality show have spotted some differences in the looks of the star. With that, people have assumed the work of plastic surgery on the actress. Well, did she really go through the surgeon’s knife? Know all about it in the article.

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Has Constance Nunes Gone through Plastic Surgery?

Raised in Los Angeles, the reality tv star is not less than any American model by her looks and appearance. Besides, her talent in cars and their engines also has made her more attractive. Since plastic surgery has been a common thing for any model in today’s world, it is acceptable that fans have put star Nunes under speculation as well.

Constance Nunes Rust to Riches (1)

The car mechanic has become a model
Image Source: HotCars

The Rust to Riches star looks completely different with and without her makeup. So, some people want to believe that the star is naturally beautiful. Well, the conclusion on the decision has been hard as the star previously led a normal life. Trying the modeling career, stuntwomen, and another career, she has at last gathered enough fame for her.

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Talking about her social media, she is active on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Stay connected at each of them for the latest info about the star as well as the show.

Facelift and Lip Fillers?

After the attention she got, she has been a totally different person regarding her physical appearance. The dilemma is whether it is makeup or cosmetic surgery. Comparing her before and after looks, there is a lot of chance of facelift. Her eyes, as well as cheeks, seem different than before. Those lips also might have been touched by the surgeon’s knife. They are fuller and less natural.

Constance Nunes Plastic Surgery

Compare her face and lips yourself
Image Source: Celebs Diaries

Talking about other transformations, she has gained some weight in a couple of years as well. However, her physique is as attractive as they were before. Such sudden changes in her weight also have made some impact on her looks. However,  we never know till the Gotham Garage Car Mechanic reveals the secret to it.

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