Is Cris Cyborg Transgender? Learn the Sexual Orientation of the MMA Fighter!

Everything you need to know about MMA champion Cris Cyborg transgender identity, use of botox, and other more details.

Cris Cyborg sexual identity has been one of the trending subjects on the internet. Well, why not as the Brazilian Mixed Martial artist weighs around 66kg with a brawny physique! And with that, a lot of rumors have also been circulating about the MMA star’s sexual identity belonging to transgender.

Since, the majority of people on the internet and MMA fans who have been curious to learn about the 37 years old martial art champion’s sexual identity ahead we present you with all the details,

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Is Cris Cyborg Transgender?

Cris Cyborg who holds the record of 26 wins, and 2 losses sexuality has been a subject of curiosity among her fans and followers. Having such dominance is no wonder that people will question her being transgender. And with the recurring news of transgender people hiding their identities and participating in sports events, has also suspected us regarding Cris Cyborg’s sexual identity.

However, the rumors are not true and are completely a hoax. Yes, with more of a masculine side, Cris’s sexuality seems to be curious, however, the fact is she not being transgender. However, there are certain factors that made her look transgender. Brutal fights, guy, and workout also plays a huge role in one’s masculinity looks and Chris seeming more male are the above-stated reasons.

Cyborg was Unaware of the Steriods Use

Well, yes, Cris Cyborg herself admitted in an Awareness Speech that she unknowingly used botox for her weight loss. One of the drawbacks of Steriods use is that it does hormonal changes and hence the person who used it looks can change. So this is also the reason why Cris Cyborg as growing age became more with alpha traits and looks. And with all the facts listed above, Cris Cyborg is a girl and not transgender.

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Transgender people have certain traits and look that match with female bodybuilders and martial arts artists. So, this is the same reason why Cris looks seemed more like a transgender. We hope you found the answer to your questions, for more Celebrity content make sure to bookmark Celeb’s Diaries.