‘Love is Blind’ Cast Danielle Ruhl Weight Loss Truth!!!

‘Love is Blind’ Cast Danielle Ruhl Weight Loss Truth!!!

Read the article to know everything about ‘Love is Blind’ star Danielle Ruhl weight loss, before and after, transformation, age, real life and more.

The series “Love is Blind” has lately taken over the internet with its social experimenting real stories. The show did a great job in context of its views as major American citizens were moved. The series mainly has been focusing on overweight person looking for love trying to teach love isn’t done through looks.

When series dropped its second season, people started running towards it to know the answer if any person would find love or not. Fatphobia being a common problem in the United States is considered as a drawback for any kind of attractiveness.

Love is Blind Casts (1)

The casts of Season 2 of the series
Image Source: Today Show

The series got interesting when it included dramatic weight loss of the characters in the show. The star couldn’t be recognized with just a glance. So, people had a lot of questions regarding such transformation of the stars. We include every answers to the questions raised by public regarding the ‘Love is Blind’ weight loss.

Danielle Ruhl Weight loss Truth

The second season have shown some blind dates where fatphobia is seen clearly. Later, the character Danielle Ruhl is introduced where she is seen going through weight loss procedure. The actress Ruhl also used to face lot of difficulties and pain when she was much heavier.

Danielle Ruhl (1)

The snippet of Danielle Ruhl
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“Every single interaction that I have with someone, I’m so scared that they’re gonna be like, ‘Oh, her arms look big here’ or ‘her stomach looks big here.’ I still always look in the mirror and see that little fat girl.” Danielle said at one point in the show. However, she has now lost over 70 pounds and is feeling a lot better now.

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After hearing the story of Danielle, people are now searching at every platform about the weight loss transformation of the star. The 28-year-old star is an associate marketing director in real life. However, its still unclear if she went through the weight loss for real or not? Stalking her social media, her past pictures doesn’t show that she was overweight.

Secrets to the ‘Love is Blind’ weight loss

In contrast to previous contestants, Danielle has a great physique. Thus, she has been a first to find a partner and it seems her relationship is going well. But as conveyed by Ruhl, she was never the fat girl taking different pain and bullies. But she might have a little chubby face in her childhood.

Love-is-Blind-season-2-danielle-nick (1)

Danielle Ruhl and Nick from the show
Image Source: Daily Express

The show later was criticized for “faking the diversity” as it lured audience showing plus-size women and then taking back to other with the same dialogue repeating, “I used to be fat”. The audience might be more attracted to women having great physique, but they also at the same time are curious to know about the relationship status of plus-sized women.

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Danielle used to be more heavy in her teens. However, being a social media personality, she has now improved a lot. The reality star is perfect according to her age. Talking about her secrets, she might have levelled down her diets. Besides, she might have added a workout or two in her routine. Stay connected at her Instagram as well.

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