Drag Race Star Darienne Lake Weight Loss – Before and After!!!

Drag Race Star Darienne Lake Weight Loss – Before and After!!!

Everything about Drag Race’s Star Darienne Lake Weight Loss Transformation, Before and After, Diets, Workouts, and more

The trending reality show “American drag race” has given many people a high reputation and fame. One of them is Miss Darienne Lake who has the real name of Greg Meyer. Being a contestant on the sixth season of the show, her popularity is increasing day by day even after all those years.

Recently, her weight loss has also become a subject of curiosity among the audiences of the show. Her post on Twitter comparing her before and after pictures gave rise to the news and different gossips.

Darienne Lake

The Snippet of the reality Darienne Lake
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The reality-show star even had reached Top 4 on the show which gave her a separate fan base. Although she’s had an incredible transformation coming to the year 2021, it wasn’t the same before. The star had to go through a lot of struggle for shedding such pounds.

Darienne Lake Weight Loss Journey

According to her post in 2012, her weight loss crusade wasn’t as simple as others. Her thighs were still touched at the time. But, she didn’t give in easily and went further with her workouts routine and diets plan. At last, proudly she posted her pictures copying the trending memes ‘How it started’ and ‘How’s it going.

Darienne Lake Weight Loss Before and After (1)

Her transformation over the years
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Her admirer’s and followers’ comments started to rain down with a lot of congratulation after she posted. Other contestants from the show also congratulated her on such achievement and provided her with more courage and support to shed more weight in the coming days.

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To encourage and motivate others to lose weight, Darienne even tweeted,

“I will gladly take the gym soreness over the hurt I carried on my body and in my soul.”

Through the sources, she also revealed that the transformation took about 2 years. However, she’s not stopped yet.

Secrets to her weight loss

Regarding the secret and tips to her weight loss is daily exercises, workouts, proper diets and proper time schedule. Her workouts included doing squats, use of the elliptical machines, and deadlifts. With these, she lost over 100 pounds and is feeling a lot better.

Darienne Lake Transformation

Her workouts have paid her well
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In an interview, she also shared she suffered from bullies due to her weight. But she thinks all those teach her a lesson to stand up for herself. Besides, her sexual orientation also was a struggling subject for her.

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Be that as it may, she also conveyed her reason for weight loss. She said,

“There are so many things that led me to try again. The part of the problem was I was starting to have physical pain because of the weight and it was becoming to a point where I just didn’t want to deal with it anymore.”

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