SOA Star Dave Navarro's All Surgeries, Girlfriends and Mother

Dave Navarro Plastic Surgery

Many of you may know Dave Navarro is one of the legendary guitarist, where he is the member of Jane’s Addiction (alternative rock band), and also a former member of Red Hot Chili Peppers. Besides guitarist, he is also a singer, songwriter, presenter, and actor who played in the series ‘Sons of Anarchy'(SOA). The guitarist has been a great example in society along with all tragedies he went after the murder of his mother Constance Colleen Hopkins.

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Recently, the American guitarist was speculated to went through cosmetic surgery to enhance his appearance. But, most of his fans admit that he hasn’t gone through it. So, here we provide you all the details you should know about Dave Navarro’s plastic surgery.

Dave Navarro Plastic Surgery – Before and After

When the rumors started then many people began to search the old pictures with a new one on his Instagram. Then the controversies stated that the height of 1.75 m songwriter current look seems more different than before, which makes many people believe that he may have gone through cosmetic procedures.

Dave Navarro After Chin Implants
Image Source: BigSpeak

With the help of the above picture, you can compare his before and after appearance. Did you notice any changes in his face? Well, if you look carefully, some changes can be seen in his chin, as it’s not a huge contrast. You can see that the surgeon has changed his chin by adding more volume to his chin. Sometimes you can’t see this aftereffect because of his goatee.

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Nevertheless, the legendary guitarist who was born on June 7, 1967, is now in his late fifties, used to look perfect before surgery and still look perfect. Don’t you think?

Legendary Guitarist Is Dating Fox News Anchor, Andrea Tantaros?

Dave Navarro, the legendary guitarist was once married to a 48-years-old model, Carmen Electra in 2003. However, their relationship wasn’t in good condition so, they divorced in the year 2007. In 1994, the ‘Uptown Girls’ actor was also married to Rhian Gittins for a short period of time. According to sources, he was likewise married to Tania Goddard from 1990 to 1993.

The Snippet of Dave Navarro and Andrea Tantaros
Image Source: Pinterest

Currently, Dave Navarro is dating Fox News Anchor, Andrea Tantaros. The couple shared that they were mutual friends, then they changed into lovers. As you can see this lovable couple enjoying their lives and can find their pictures on Tantaros Instagram. As for now, the couple loved by fans are spending their quarantines together.

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