'The Wrong Missy' star David Spade Plastic Surgery - Before and After

David Spade’s Looks in ‘The Wrong Missy’ Gave Rise to Plastic Surgery!!!

‘Just Shoot Me!’ actor David Spade Plastic Surgery Rumors, Truth, Before and After, Facelift, Botox, and more

The American actor and stand-up comedian David Spade has been on the trending section for a couple of days. His plastic surgery has attracted a lot of audiences to search about the star’s transformation.

The 57-year-old actor still has fresh looks as in his thirties which have raised the rumors about his cosmetic surgery. Also, his looks in the recent film, The Wrong Missy created a lot of chaos among the audience. But what are the facts among those gossip tidbits? Did he go through any plastic surgery?

David Spade Hair on ‘The Wrong Missy’

Talking about the film released on May 13, 2020, people were shocked to see totally different looks of David. Tim Morris’s hair in the movie also triggered the hype among the fans and followers.

David Spade Looks in The Wrong Missy (1)

His looks on ‘The Wrong Missy’
Image Source: Celebs Diaries

The thing that made him David Spade was also snatched from him as he was clean shaved to look in his forties. With the release of the movie, the movie watchers compared his before and after pictures. Having a glance at them, everybody thought something is missing or wrong.

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However, it was nothing more than David Spade’s original looks with mustache and beard, His hair became a topic for some fans to talk about as well. The followers even claimed that they had found it hard to adjust to the new looks of David Spade. Another even compared the American actor with Edward Norton as he looked similar without his mustache.

What about David Spade Plastic Surgery?

According to the channel Lights Out with David Spade, the TV host once made fun of Kelly Ripa‘s plastic surgery. This shows that he wouldn’t consider having any surgery when it comes to himself.

David Spade

David Spade in his original looks
Image Source: Television Academy

While other sources have clearly said the effects of a facelift are seen on his face. The skin is tighter and smoother in his late fifties as well. However, a poll created showed that 78% of people said the actor hasn’t gone through any surgical procedure. All the changes seen are backed up with makeup.

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