Lisa Rinna's Daughter Delilah Hamlin Plastic Surgery - Rumors and Truth

Rising Instagram Model Delilah Hamlin Plastic Surgery Truth!!!

Everything about Instagram Model and Influencer Delilah Hamlin Plastic Surgery, Lip Fillers, Botox, Before and After, and more

Lisa Rinn‘s daughter Delilah Hamlin is a model, clothing designer, and social media influencer. The 23-year-old star has got a lot of fame being a daughter of a member of RHOBH. However, she now is a star herself with her own recognition.

The Instagram model lately has been under different rumors of plastic surgery. Several pictures on her social media led the followers to such speculations. However, are the rumors true? What does she say about it? What kind of surgical procedures has she adopted?

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The snippet of the Influencer Delilah Hamlin
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The subject of plastic surgery has been common with RealHousewives, so, the fashion designer also might have been inspired to go through surgery by her mother. Whether it is extreme makeup or any enhancements, her appearance seems a lot surgery-affected.

Delilah Hamlin Plastic Surgery Rumors

The gossip tidbits started with her lip as they seemed a lot different with time. Lisa had also gone under lip fillers at the time and people saw a lot of similarities between them. Fame can spark one’s popularity as well as spread negativity equally. After an appearance on the reality show with her mother, she has now seen the bad side of fame as well.

Delilah Hamlin Plastic Surgery Before and After

She has changed a lot 
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Seeing her post, some fans brought attention to her upper lips which didn’t look right. The comments and people’s reaction to her face and lips piqued other admirer’s interest in her appearance as well.

The assumptions and people’s suspicions got so much attention that the star, herself was affected by it. She mentioned it as “cyber-bullying” and suggested that there are a lot of things to take care of besides her beauty.

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Lipstick alley also has written her name under the children of RHOBH who went through cosmetic enhancements. The site has added Botox and Cheek improvements as well along with lip augmentation.

Delilah’s Response to the Rumors

Coming to her confirmation, she addressed it through her Instagram along with Amelia Gray, who also has been suspected equally to have gone under the knife. In response to the comment “You have had breast augmentation”, she said, “Never! I’m scared of surgery. I’ve only ever got my tonsils out and even that was traumatic.”

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The gorgeous models Delilah and Amelia together
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To answer another one, she gave her beauty credit to forma, which is not plastic surgery but a facial. So, respecting her address, it seems she hasn’t done any “surgical” enhancements. All the effects are therefore the result of makeup and good products.

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