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Details about Olga Sharypova Bio-Wiki, Pregnancy, Boyfriend, Accusations & More

Find out all the details about the  Olga Sharypova bio-wiki, pregnancy, boyfriend, accusations, and many more in detail

Olga Sharypova is a former tennis player. She is one of the popular tennis players in Russia. Olga is a model, social media influencer, photographer, entrepreneur, and fashion enthusiast. Former tennis star played at the Eddie Herr Trophy and Orange Bowl. Similarly, the Russian star played various championships winning many singles, doubles, and mixed matches too. But now, the player has left tennis.

Recently, there has been much news about her that is not about tennis but her accusations. We are giving all the details about the former tennis player, her wiki, pregnancy news, her dating life, and her accusations against her ex-boyfriend.

Bio-Wiki, Age & Parents of Social Media Influencer

Olga was born on July 24, 1997, in Russia. The model is estimated to be around 5 feet 9 inches tall. Despite being famous, not much is known about her personal life. Also, there has been no information about her parents and family. The former tennis player has left tennis and now the fashion industry.

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Currently, the fashion enthusiast has been working as a fashion blogger too. The social media influencer has been successful in endorsing various brands. Her Instagram account has 10.3k followers. With her work as a tennis player and now a social media celebrity, her net worth is estimated to be around one to two million dollars. The 24-year-old does not have a Wikipedia page yet.

Who Is Olga Sharypova Boyfriend

Is Olga Sharypova dating? So far there is no reliable source that can give the right information. However, she did date Alexander Zverevin in the past. Who is Alexander? He is a German tennis player.

Alexander Zverevin
      The Snippet of Alexander Zverevin (Image Source: Instagram)

How did they start dating? The two tennis players met when they were 14 years old. Subsequently, they started dating in 2012. However, they had broken up due to long distances. But after six years got back together. Later on, the couple separated in 2019 without giving the reasons.

Details about Her Accusations

The former tennis player of Russia posted a picture of herself on Instagram with the caption on Russian. When translating, it said that the fashion blogger had been beaten and will not be silent anymore. Later on, the Russian media confirmed the post was about her ex-boyfriend. In 2020, the 24-year-old accused Zverev of physically and emotionally abusing her in the 2019 US open. In an interview, the model said that she was punched for the first time during a fight. Subsequently, in other fights, her ex-boyfriend was being violent towards her. Also, he was pushing, shoving, twisting her arms, choking, and even punched her for the first time.

Olga Sharypova accusation
Details about Olga Sharypova accusation (Image Source: Celeb’s Diaries)

Racquet magazine published an interview with Sharypova on Nov. 5. The interview was long where they gave detail on emotional and physical abuse to the fashion enthusiast. In short, the model was forced to flee a hotel barefoot in New York City when her boyfriend tried to smother her with a pillow in 2019. Also, her head was hit against a wall and that. Sadly, the tennis champion tried to kill herself by injecting Insulin into her.

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Because the abuse was too much for her and couldn’t stand it anymore. During the interview, it was made clear that her intentions were not to press charges against the German player. But only to show other people in a similar situation that they can survive. And for the truth to come out. To her disappointment, no one believed her including her close acquaintances about the abuse the Russian player was going through. Furthermore, it took her one year to recover.

Olga Accusing Zverev

Interviewer BenRothenberg of Racquet Magazine confirmed that he saw photos of bruises on her body and face. Apparently, there were two photos one showed dark bruises on her face and another showed two dark bruises on her arm. The writer saw the photos when they met in New Jersey. Zverev has openly denied his ex-girlfriend’s accusations two times. First, he addressed the accusations on social media statements. He said that the allegations were untrue. The second time, during a press conference in Paris. Rothenberg asked the German’s agency and the ATP tour about the allegations but both were unwilling to speak about it.

Olga Sharypova and Boyfriend
     Olga Sharypova and Boyfriend (Image Source: Celeb’s Diaries)

When Olga pointed to Zverev with her Instagram post, Zverev said that he was sad because of his ex-girlfriend Olga Sharypova’s unfolded accusations. According to the professional tennis player, the accusations were untrue, and that they had known each other since they were children and shared many experiences together. Moreover, 17 ATP titles holder regrets that someone whom he knew from childhood was making such statements. And confused why Olga is accusing him now when the relationship that they had ended a long time ago.

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Zverev told the Bild, a German newspaper, that everything the 24-year-old has been accused of is a lie. He added anyone can be accused of anything today with the power of social media and it gets bigger if you talk more about it.No. 3 players of the ATP(Association of Tennis Professionals) talked about his former Russian girlfriend. He said that he hasn’t spoken to her since they broke up in 2019. So far, there is no evidence against Alexander Zverev on whether the tennis champion has abused his girlfriend. However, we no longer see the post made about the abuse on Instagram.

Updates on Olga Sharypova Pregnancy!

Olga has been in coverage because of her accusations against her ex-boyfriend Alexander Zverev. For which many may have thought it was her when the news broke out of Zverev’s girlfriend. But Olga is not the ex-girlfriend of the German player who is pregnant. It is Brenda Patea. Who is Brenda? She is a model who is also an ex-girlfriend of Zverev. In conclusion, Olga is not pregnant.

Olga Sharypova Pregnancy
                      Olga Sharypova (Image Source: Instagram)

After the model announced her pregnancy, the Russian photographer spoke up on Instagram about her ex-boyfriend too. Now, the former tennis player accused a German professional tennis player of physically abusing her and being violent.

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