Olli Wisdom Death

Details about the British Goa, Olli Wisdom Death And Space Tribe!

Find out all about one of the owners of Space Tribe Music, Olli Wisdom death, cause of death, songs, and more in detail

Oliver John Wisdom, better known by his stage name Olli Wisdom, was a British Goa and psytrance musician, and clothing producer, residing in London. Since the 1990s he has recorded under the name Space Tribe.

Olli is also a former singer of the music group Specimen. Moreover, his space tribe group and news of his death have been a very talked-about subject in the public eyes. Thus, we have written this article to enlighten you on your queries regarding the topic.

Details about Olli Wisdom Death? Learn His Cause of Death

Sadly one of the real true pioneers and creators of the British culture left us at aged 63. It was officially confirmed in August 2021. Olli Wisdom fondly called Space Tribe, was a British Goa and psytrance musician, clothing producer. He had been making parties in Goa since the beginning of the 90s. 

Olli Wisdom Space Tribute
              Olli Wisdom Death (Image Source: Transcentral)

And his Space Tribe music and clothing always added colors and great vibrations every single step of the long way. His style and music were very significant. They truly made the Mad Maxx better and creating a wonderful collaboration in Mad Tribe.

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We have found many fans want to know about the cause of Wisdom’s Death. However, his family has not revealed the actual cause of his death. So, we will not be guessing or speculating on the topic. We would like to thank him for everything. His contribution for more than 25 years in the Psychedelic Trance scene will not go out in vain.

His Fractal Fluoro Party Gear, Space Tribe

In 1993, Olli, his brother Miki, and fellow space cadet, Richmond, decided to make their own fractal fluoro party gear in Bali. They named it Space Tribe. It didn’t talk a long time for it to get recognized. You should have seen it at parties. Furthermore, Olli and the team also named their recording label Space Tribe. And in 1995, the first Space Tribe tracks were hatched in the Butterfly studios with Simon Posford (Hallucinogen/Shpongle). It was the opportunity that increased the Space tribe’s popularity. ‘

Olli Wisdom Space Tribute
     Olli Wisdom Space Tribute (Image Source: Transcentral)

In 1996, Space Tribe released their first album, ‘Sonic Mandala’ on Spirit Zone and since then had been releasing at least one album a year. In 2004 Space Tribe Music was also set up as a record label to provide an outlet for Space Tribe releases & compilation albums. Since 2008 Jon Klein guitarist of Specimen, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Sinead O’Connor has been seen as a guitarist at Space Tribe live shows & in the studio.

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Furthermore to 2021, Space Tribe has collaborated with other artists – Dick Trevor (Green Nun’s of the Revolution) & MadMaxx, GMS (Alien Jesus), X-Dream, Menog, CPU, Psywalker, Electric Universe (ESP), Tristan.
In its time Space Tribe traveled all over the world, playing live at parties and bringing joy to the thousands of dancers who know exactly why they are there.

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