Did Cheryl Burke have plastic surgery?

Did Cheryl Burke have plastic surgery?

Find out all about Dancing with the Stars, professional dancer Cheryl Burke and her going through cosmetic procedures rumors.

For over 15 years Dancing With the Stars has premiered on ABC, and we all have sat down to enjoy our favorite celebrity figures dance. Some professional dancers are more well-known than some of the “stars” that participate in the competition.

Today we will be talking about everyone’s favorite pro dancers Cheryl Burke.

Cheryl and DWTS have managed a strong connection. She has been with the show since Season 2 when she was 22-years-old. Did you know that Cheryl was literally the first female pro to win the show?  This article is about Cheryl Burke has gone through plastic surgery or not.

Cheryl Burke Plastic Surgery

Has Cheryl Burke undergone the knife? Yes, the DWTS dancer is believed to have had gone through multiple plastic surgeries. However, she has denied the speculation. Likewise, there is not much information on the internet about her plastic surgery. So why did the Pro dancer go under the knife?

         Cheryl Burke (Then and Now) (Image Source: Celebsdiaries)

So what procedures did the dancer choose? There are many kinds of plastic surgeries like liposuction, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty. In addition to this, there have also been cosmetic procedures like botox and fillers.

Jennifer Leebow an ARNP of aesthetic dermatology at Skin Theory Studios told Distractify that it would appear to her that Cheryl has done neurotoxin applications to her forehead and eyes.

However, the surgeon thinks it was a heavy application and actually believes it to have created the appearance of ‘heaviness above the brow. Furthermore, she said that when botox is heavily applied to the frontalis muscles, it actually can have a drooping effect temporarily.

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She also believes Cheryl may have used an injectable product, such as Sculptra or Radiesse. These products are used for the fullness of her already high cheekbones.

Cheryl Burke on her Plastic surgery Rumors

In 2014 Cheryl denied any plastic surgery rumors to Access Hollywood.  The dance star in her early life got bullied for having big ears and big lips. And also always had big lips.

Cheryl Burke
        Cheryl Burke Then and Now (ImageSource: celebsdiaries)

Did you know Ms.Burke has been sober for a few years? She also admitted that the reason for her stopped drinking. Turns was inspired by her late father, who also overcame alcoholism in his life.

This is what she said to all the rumors of her getting plastic surgery.

 “It’s not something I’m used to, I’ve been lucky enough to have a great group of fans who have always posted incredibly kind things on my pages. 

Furthermore,  the dancer also said that she totally let her guard down and wasn’t expecting people to start hurling insults, especially things about Cheryl’s fake lips and plastic surgery? She calls it to be literally crazy.

“It’s not just kids being thoughtless, there are a lot of really mean posts from people whose profile pictures are of themselves and their children.”

She suggested checking out other photos where her lips look like that. She also thought of re-posting those photos and then realized it was not worth it.

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