Did Conor McGregor Get A Hair Transplant? Confirmation

Did Conor McGregor Get A Hair Transplant? Confirmation

Find out all about the former Ultimate Fighting Championship lightweight double-champion Conor McGregor’s Hair Transplant rumors with before and after photos comparisons.

After the departure of Chelsea’s former owner Roman Abramovich, Conor has seriously considered buying the club. It is a possibility because the mixed martial artist’s net worth was around $180 million. 

And his interest in Chelsea has increased Mcgregor’s popularity among non-MMA fans as well. And as we know that when you are in the spotlight, people start spreading several rumors.

In the previous article, we had talked about Conor having his teeth done. Check out his teeth comparisons. Nonetheless, this time Conor has been rumored to have a hair transplant.

When did Conor’s hair transplant initially get attention? When the athlete posted a photo back in November, his hairline and also the thickness of the hair appeared very different.

Let’s find out more about Conor’s hair transplant with before and after timeline photos comparison and confirm it.

Conor Mcgregor Hair Transplant- (Before and After)

Firstly why do people have a hair transplant? The reason behind the hair implant is quite obvious as people visualize men with hair as more successful, stronger, and fitter.

And the loss of hair can indicate a person has gotten old. This is why hair transplants are so popular nowadays.

When Conor was in his early 20s there were no signs of recession. But when the athlete reached his mid 20’s front and Conor recession had started to talk place. This might have been the reason Conor had a mug-cut hairstyle back then.

           Conor Mc Gregor Hair Transplant (Before And After)         (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

When Mcgregor reached his 30s his hair can be seen getting thinner in the frontal regions. In the photo that we added below, you can clearly see that he had lost quite a lot of his hair last year.

When did Conor get a hair transplant? Well, apparently it takes around six months to have significant changes in hair growth. And a year to visibly see the results of the hair transplant. So, we believe he had it back in late 2021 about 6 months ago.

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In his most recent photos, Mcgregor’s hair appears thicker and some scabbing around Conor’s hairline can also be seen. His hairline has been lowered and his temple looks to be in a better frame.

This is a clearly indication that the former Ultimate Fighting Championship featherweight champion had a hair transplant.

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