Did Drew Brees Get Hair Plugs & Transplant?

Did Drew Brees Get Hair Plugs & Transplant?

Find out all about Drew Brees Get Hair Plugs & Transplant in detail.

Recently, Drew Brees has been searched a lot on the internet. Surprisingly, the American football player is not being talked about his skills on fields but for his new hair and a receding hairline that got full hair now.

Has the retired athlete gotten hair plugs and hair transplants? So far, Brees has not spoken about his hair plugs and hair transplant rumors. However, it will not be shocking if the quarterback did go through a hair transplant.

Did Drew Brees Get Hair Plugs & Transplant

Looking back former member of the New Orleans Saints was starting to lose most of his hair and faced thinning hair problems at the final seasons of his career. But what was shocking to fans was when the 42-year-old was seen on Thursday on NBC(National Broadcasting Company ) during his debut on TV with new hair.

            Drew Bees Hair Implant (Image Source: celebsdiaries)

Moreover, the sportsman flaunted his thick hair. In addition, viewers suspected he must have done something to his hair to get the thick hair. Furthermore, his appearance on TV was not as a football star but as a studio analyst.

Other than hair transplant another process that Drew may have done to make his hair look thick is wearing a hairpiece. So what hair procedure has the football celebrity gone through? Was his hair growth natural?

Moreover, what hair treatments did he do? Could it be hair restoration, hair implant, or laser light therapy and laser hair therapy? Unfortunately, there is no information on the footballer’s hair plug or hair transplant.

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Moreover, it hasn’t been disclosed who is Drew Brees’ hair doctor to treat his thinning hair problem. So when did the retired football player get his new hair? It is hard to tell the exact date he got his new hair but goodwordsnew.com has put the timeline of his hair over time.

In August 2020, the new studio analyst of NBC can be seen with his shaved head. While at the time many fans thought it to be a bad haircut but now they speculate it was for the hair transplant.

Why did Brees go through a hair transplant?

The hair transplant may be simply for the hair treatment of his thinning hair. However, it has been rumored that there are other reasons for hair transplants.

           Drew Bees Hair Implant (Image Source: celebsdiaries)

The reason that was flying was that a former New Orleans Saints member did it to work in the broadcasting side after his retirement. In addition, the rumor has been proven to be a fact since his debut with NBC.

Many fans have started to post funny tweets since the retired NFL player made an appearance with his new hair. Brock, a Twitter user twits, “ Wtf is on your head Drew?” with a photo of the new analyst. Moreover, Brock was clearly talking about NBC analyst’s new hair. More funny memes on the new hair can be found on.

How much did the hair transplant cost?

According to healtline.com hair transplant cost typically ranges from $4,000 to $15,000 US dollars. Thus, Drew must have paid around the same price for his hair plug and hair transplant cost if not more.

However, with a net worth of $160 million, it is no big amount for the football star. Hence, the American football star must have paid a hefty amount for his hair transplant getting only the best hair treatment and a private hair doctor.

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