Did Judy Greer Have Plastic Surgery?

Did Judy Greer Have Plastic Surgery?

Everything you need to know about Judy Greer’s plastic surgery with before and after photos comparison in detail.

Judy Greer is an American actress. Her most notable performance is considered to be portraying a string of supporting characters. Besides this, she is known as Kitty Sanchez on the Fox/Netflix series Arrested Development and Cheryl Tunt on the animated comedy series Archer.

You may also like her role as Lina Bowman in the FX sitcom Married (2014–2015). She has been in a lot of sitcoms we believe you have watched a few of them such as The Big Bang Theory, Arrested Development, Two and a Half Men, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Nonetheless, we like to discuss her having plastic surgery as we have seen people talking about this a lot. So after examing her before and after images and looking at some articles this is what we found.

Judy Greer Plastic Surgery

We searched on several sites but didn’t find anything relating to having plastic surgery. Likewise, the actor himself has also not come out and discussed any information regarding wanting to have or planning any cosmetic procedures.

There are several plastic surgery/cosmetic surgery celebs do to look good. We are gonna list out the most preferred and common ones- Blepharoplasty, Rhinoplasty, facelift, and eye-brow lift. In addition to this botox, breast implants and cheek augmentation/cheek implants are also favored.

Did Judy Greer Have Cheek Augmention?
                         Did Judy Greer Have Cheek Augmentation?          (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

How did the plastic surgery rumors surrounding Judy start? Well, we believe that it started when the trailer for her new movie called Reboot dropped a month ago. She looks a bit different.

Judy was born in 1975 and she does look like a person in her mid 40’s. But like the main actress, she has been maintaining her figure well.

We also found a survey TMZ hosted, they compared Greer’s two photos one from 2001 and another from 2018, and claimed she has not aged a bit.

Furthermore, the site also questioned does Judy has good genes or good docs. A slight majority voted that she has good genes. And we agree to look at her 2022 pics, she does show signs of aging as she should.

Judy Greer Plastic Surgery Procedures

We believe she uses some makeup to cover lines on her face. When Judy smiles, we can see wrinkles and crow’s feet so it is clear that the actress didn’t have botox injections.

However, we suspect that Judy has done something with her cheekbones. We predict that she had cheek augmentations. They look very unusual in some of her pics.

                     Judy Greer Plastic Surgery (Before and After)       (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

How much does cheek augmentation cost? They are priced around $3700. Besides this, we didn’t find any reshaping of her nose to claim her having nose jobs and we also don’t feel that any lip fillers were used.

We also suspect that the actress has had eyebrow lift surgery as well comparing her before and after pics, it is clear that her eyebrows have changed. We believe she had surgeries done for this because in all of the current pics we can see her eyebrow being raised.

The actress has been very vocal about her dating life. For example, she dated Ashton Kutcher and George Clooney in the same year. But when it comes to having cosmetic surgeries, she has yet to speak about it.

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We also found that in her old photos, Greer had very noticeable yellowish teeth. But later she decided to have teeth whitening done.

To have such treatments or any enhancement should not be a deal for her, as Celebrity Net Worth reports, Greer is worth an estimated $5 million.

We also learned that the actress is likely operating under a 5-year $15-20 million deal to work with Mercedes. This means that she earns $3-4 million per year.

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