Did Kay Robertson Lose Weight? Young & Now Comparison

Grab all details of the weight loss of American Television personality Miss Kay aka Kay Roberston’ss weight loss. 

Kay Robertson has been one of the notable television figures, after all, we’ve been seeing him for decades now mostly for her appearance from the reality show A&E reality show Duck Dynasty.

And the show which she has been part of for eight years now i.e. from 2012-present has surely built us attachment and a habit of noticing any changes. With that said many of Kay’s fans and followers seems to be anxious regarding Kay Robertson’s weight loss. In order to grab all the facts here, we present you with the details, like weight loss and body transformation.

Did Kay Robertson Lose Weight? Before & After Weight Loss

The American television personality was born on December 21, 1947, is now in her late seventy’s. It’s the age where your body started to gain some weight. Some people also often claim that it’s the same case with her. Well, it may be right but Kay Robertson has not shared anything related to her increasing weight.


Robertson during her early years and recent.
Image Source: Pinterest

Her weight loss news is recently surfacing on different social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and more. What’s more! many people started to compared her before and after pictures. The one on the left side image is back from her early age where she weighted around 110 lbs (50 k.g.), similarly, on the one on the right on she weighs around 220 lbs (100 k.g.)

Some sources say that the public was “shocked” because of her sudden body transformation. The critics were also amazed. Who won’t, right? From the above pictures, you can see how her body changed dramatically. Surprisingly, the Duck Dynasty actress made some people motivated by her body transformation at that age.

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It’s a no-brainer that the reality star has gained a lot of pounds if we see it from the past days, however, here we are talking about her recent weight- the 73 years old seemed to have lost several pounds which made fans curious about what really happened. Well, firstly she is fine and did not lose weight from any medical issues but has burned some fat to make body easy and flexible at such age.

Healthy Diet and Exercise

No one knows how Kay Robertson lose her weight and able to transform her body. She made her beloved fans go crazy by not revealing her weight loss. This suggests that she is quite secretive about her personal life. Kar Robertson weight loss is still a mystery among the public.

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And there is also fake weight-loss news on the Internet lately related to Kay weight loss, well, don’t believe any of them and chose product only after a good research. Simple home workout, cardio, Zumba classes, dietician food regime can really help you lose weight. If you want to burn some fats then you can try these remedies.

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