Did Nicolas Cage have his Teeth fixed? Before and after teeth fix

Did Nicolas Cage have his Teeth fixed? Before and after teeth fix

Find out all about Nicole Cage’s teeth fix before and after photo in detail

Nicole Cage has always been known for being a great actor. He is appreciated in almost every movie he has done.

Recently, besides his acting and movies, people have been buzzing about Nicole’s teeth fixes. Why has the rumors about his teeth fix start recently? Well, it must be because he is playing the role of Dracula in the Universal Monster Movie ‘Renfield.’

As there have been many photos of Cage showing off his fangs from the movie, it has grabbed attention. People have noticed that Nicole’s teeth don’t look the same as they use to. So is there a difference in his before and after photo? Let’s see.

Nicole Cage Teeth Fix Before and After

People speculate that over the years Cage has gone through some teeth fix. So do Cage’s teeth fix rumors have some truth behind them?

                 Nicolas Cage Teeth Fix With Before and After                                                    (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

Well, the actor has never come out and answered it. And none of the people that know him personally have commented about it. However, there have been some sites that have touched upon the subject matter.

However, it was not enough so we decided to Cages’ before and after snippets. And yes, there have been drastic changes in his teeth. In his picture from the movie Fast times at Ridgemont High, his teeth looked very yellowish and unattractive. And his crooked back then looked crooked compared to now.

Why did Nicole have his teeth done? Obviously, most celebrities want to look as perfect as possible, it is more of a necessity in the entertainment industry. How you look also heavily depends on how good your teeth are.

People in showbiz need a ‘Hollywood Smile.’

When did Nicole have his teeth done? We can’t say specifically when the ghost rider actor had his them. But according to reports, he started having his teeth treatment after his role in Birdy, the movie in which he got his teeth removed.

And what teeth treatment has the 58-year-old done for his teeth transformation? Comparing The Sorcerer’s Apprentice actor before and after photos, we think that he got Veneers to make his teeth look whiter than before.

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Additionally, we also speculate that he got Invisalign to make his teeth straight. What is Invisalign? Invisalign are transparent aligners made of plastic that can be used to straighten teeth. Moreover, they are an alternative to braces.

Nicole Cage Teeth Removed

Did Nicole have his teeth removed?- Yes, Cage has always been very serious when it comes to his roles. Even he was in his early 20s, he removed two teeth removed without anesthesia or Novocain.

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When asked why he do it he replied it was to better understand the character. Apparently, the extracted teeth were the actor’s baby teeth and he had been planning to get them removed before the movie.

However, Cage thought that scheduling the procedure to coincide with the shooting schedule would lend him experience playing a Vietnam war veteran with horrible facial injuries. Nicolas told the Telegraph’s Anne Billson in 1985

 “So I took advantage of it and had them out. I thought it would add an interesting dimension to the role.”’

Speaking briefly about the movie Birdy, it was an American drama film based on William Wharton’s 1978 novel of the same name. The film focuses on the friendship between two teenage boys, Birdy (Modine) and Al Columbato (Cage) depicting their traumatic experiences upon serving in the Vietnam War.

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