Did Olivia Rodrigo get a boob job?

Did Olivia Rodrigo get a boob job?

‘Olivia Rodrigo boob job before and after’ has been searched a bunch of times over the internet. So we collected a bunch of articles explaining Olivia plastic surgery and here is what we found.

Olivia Rodrigo starred on the Disney Channel for years, however, most of us know her for massive success until she dropped her first album, Sour. The record burst her into stardom, launching the singer and actor to new heights.

Since the release of her award-winning album, her followers have speculated that Rodrigo got plastic surgery – specifically, a boob job. In November 2021, the Instagram user @igfamousbydana created a post about the procedure. The account is owned by a Registered Dietician Nutritionist (RDN) Dana Omari, who frequently comments on the plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures she believes celebrities have gotten. 

Olivia Rodrigo Boob Job: Before and After

He wrote that the singer appears to have gotten breast implants to fill out the small breasts she had before. The Nutritionist shared several before and after photos of Rodrigo.

“They’re more fuller, the gap between her breasts is much smaller now, and they sit higher. It looks like she had ‘moderate or mod-high profile’ implants that really suit her frame well.”

When did Olivia Rodrigo have a boob job? The analysis also added that all the before and after comparisons is from 2021 and all the later ones are from august 2021-present.

Did Olivia Rodrigo Have a Boob Job? And yes, she has. Although the teen actress has not admitted it we can clearly see that her breast has changed.

Fans are ‘worried’ about Olivia Rodrigo being ‘sexualized’ after the plastic surgery rumors

Fans after reading this Dana Omari posted about Olivia Rodrigo’s plastic surgery in a Reddit thread titled, “Anyone else worried about Olivia Rodrigo.”

Many of them expressed concern for the “drivers license”singer, believing she is being sexualized to increase her popularity. 

Some said that 18 years is too young to get plastic surgery while another commented that sadly although she is just a kid at least she has to wait up until like 21 or 25 before she had to give in to conform to society’s sexist standards.

Olivia Rodrigo Boob Job
Olivia Rodrigo Boob Job (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

Another user just reflected on her surgery decision to pop culture needs. They are very aggressively trying to remarket her as an edgy sexy bad girl because that was definitely not how she portrayed herself less than a year ago and it’s moving too fast to be a natural personality development

One follower commented about the boob job and noticed her Halloween pics and believes that she will be sexualized so the boob job where done.

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