Did Paris Jackson Have Plastic Surgery?

Everything you need to know about Paris Jackson’s plastic surgery with before and after images comparison in detail.

Back in July Paris was modeling for Kim Kardashains’ Skims swimwear. In one photo, the model wears a tan triangle bikini. In another, Jackson wore dons a brown matching top and bottom and sat on the edge of a pool with some slick-looking sunnies. Here is the video if you’d like to see it.

Those blue eyes and that face cut have mesmerized plenty including us. There is also an ongoing discussion on whether she went under the knife to achieve.

Honestly speaking going under the knife is not a big deal for the ones that are involved in the limelight on a daily basis. As per the type of cosmetic procedure available on the internet, there are many procedures celebs like to do.

The most famous plastic surgeries are breast augmentation, Breast implant removals. And also Buttock lift, chin, cheek, or jaw reshaping (facial implants or soft tissue augmentation). So let us compare her before and after photos to find out.

Paris Jackson Plastic Surgery Procedures

Comparing her before and after photos, we speculate that she has had eyebrow lift surgery.

When we googled her current pics we noticed that the creases of her eyelid have become more visible and her forehead skin has been slightly raised. This suggests that she has used brow lift surgery.

Likewise, she had a nose job. Although it is a minor tweak and it is hard to notice. We can see her nostril becoming slightly smaller in her recent pics.

                   Paris Jackson Plastic Surgery (Before and After)        (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

How much do Rhinoplasty aka nose jobs cost? Well, they cost around $5500. And browlift surgery cost around $4000.

We also believe that it is unfair to compare and claim everything about Paris has changed in just a few years. Keep in mind that she is just 24 years old.

And most of the pics that we compared are her late teenage pics vs her recent pics. And every one looks different from their teen years. Looking at Paris reminded us of young Madonna. What do you think?

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Anyways getting back to the main subject at hand we feel that Jackson also uses lip fillers.   We were not sure at first because makeup can also give you a similar effect to lip filler.

But looking at her pics without makeup we honestly believe that she has filled her lips. They look thicker and plumper than before.

What else? Did the model have a Jawline surgery? Well, no her face cut has remained constant.

Besides this has also had surgery to remove a golf-sized abscess. The singer has also claimed that if the abscess had popped it would have caused seizer or even death.

Paris Jackson’s Biological father And Net worth

Her followers have also questioned Paris’s biological father. There are people that it is Michael Jackson. The model herself has also stated this.

However, the short and true answer to this question is ….NOT Michael Jackson. Debbie Rowe, Michael’s ex-wife has stated on numerous occasions that her 2 children to Jackson were gifts to him.

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What she meant to say was that she used artificially inseminated with DONOR SPERM and it was not of the singer. And her biological father is still unknown.

Looking at the model pics we also noticed that she is not hesitant on showing off her tattoos. Discussing them, one of her tattoos represents a veve image of Erzulie, who is the goddess of love. They are loa’s symbols- a heart, a mirror, and a fan, and all three of those images can be seen in the veve design in subtle ways.

Paris Jackson is Michael’s only daughter — has an estimated net worth of $100 million.

Jackson has received over $65 Million as an inheritance from her father not adding the real estate.

Besides this, her career in modeling must earn her a handsome amount of money as well. And as a model, she has likely had tweaks to maintain her appearance.

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